The Love of a Husband & Wife

The rollercoasters of life, it can take you high, and it can, drop you low, but in the end, it all, worked out fine!  Translated…

Seeing How She was the One Who’d Mentioned it, Should I, Call it Quits?  No, I Can’t, She’s a Shy Girl, if I Break Up with Her Now, She May Not be Perceptive to Love Again………

A Night of Scattered Thoughts

Before I’d made the decision to get married, we’d gotten our health exams.  A few days later, she’d called me up.

“Mr. Lin………”, that wasn’t what she used to call me.  “The test results showed that I’d needed to remove my ovaries because of the cysts, and I’d gone to three hospitals, and they’d all told me, that I will NEVER be able to have a child.  So, let’s just, pull the plug on the marriage then.”, and she didn’t even wait for me to reply, she’d, hung up quick.

That night, my thoughts ran, and my emotions battled with my rationality, although I knew, that I’d not looked handsome, but I’d still believed, the miracles of “good apples may come from bad trees”, I’d wanted, to look at what my child would look like.  And yet, everything became, next to, impossible, would I be————willing?

Since she’d mentioned it, should I just, pull the plug?  No, I can’t.  She’s a shy girl, if I break up with her now, will I, ruin her chances at finding love again?  I’d recalled how I watched those old soap operas with my mother, the two of us, for the sake of the cheating man, Shih-Mei Chen, we’d, almost, thrown the television out.  If I do this, then, I wouldn’t be that different from Shih-Mei Chen, would I?

There were so many “buts” for the whole night, and “if” just, kept tangling me up.  In the end, I’d, still, made a decision.

“I want to marry you.”  I’d, told her my answer.

Naturally, she’d reacted, very coldly to me.  “Then, we won’t have children in the future, how will you, tell that to your mother?”  I’d struggled, with her question, but I’d told her, firmly, that is my problem, that I wouldn’t, make her face it.

But she’d told me, being a Christian, she couldn’t lie, and hoped that I wouldn’t either, her tone was firm and steady too.  Then, we’d both, fallen silent, not knowing, what to say next.  Until I broke the silence, “No matter the outcomes of the surgery, I want to marry you.”  I’d asked her to come to Taipei for the operation, so I can have the chance to look after her, and gladly, the school I teach in is right next to the Veteran’s Memorial Hospital, I knew a couple of doctors who can help.  She’d thought awhile, and agreed, to come to Taipei for the procedures.

The Blessings from God

Maybe it was the number of the hospitals had already confirmed that she’d needed to get her ovaries removed, as we’d discussed how to deal with the cysts, we’d not asked about whether the removals of the ovaries was absolutely necessity.  And yet, the moment she was in the operating room, she’d still insisted not to stall me.

“I want you to be gone, by the time I come out of surgery.”, she’d looked cold, but her face showed her sorrows and pains.

“I will be waiting, right here, for you, and I’m going to marry you.”  I’d insisted on showing her my heart.

For the nearly three hours she was being operated on, I kept waiting in the hallways, thought about how I was going to apologize to my mother.  I’d needed, to tell her the biggest lie in the world, I must.

“The families please come to the receptionist’s desk of the O.R.”, the few hours of waiting, I’d, rushed to the receptionist, I saw the doctor took a tin box, with something the size of my fists, stuffed the box up.

“Which side of the ovary is it?”, before the doctor started, I’d asked.

“Did I say we were, removing her ovaries?”, the doctor wasn’t too happy about it.

“Is it, not necessary?  Or, did you not do it yet?”, I’d rushed.

“Are you wanting it removed?”, the doctor became, somewhat impatient, told me to go buy some sterilized staples.

The moment it was confirmed, I’d fallen limp on the floors, God had given me the biggest blessings, not only would I not need to lie to my own mother, there’s, that possibility, of us, having our own offspring.  As I’d let it all out, I’d not felt compelled to stand back up, just, crawled, straight upstairs to buy the needed materials, and, I’d not cared how others looked at me weird.

決定結婚前,我們去做了健康檢查。幾天後,她打電話給我。「林先生……」這不是她...from the papers…

Another hour passed, she’d returned to her hospital room from recovery, wide awake.

“Who do you want to thank the most?”, I’d asked her, with that gloat.

“I’m most grateful to God.”

What, not me?  But I wasn’t going to let up, “So, who’s the second?”

“Other than the doctors, you, of course.”, finally, the answer I was looking for.

“It isn’t a big deal, really,” I’d faked my humbleness, while feeling on cloud nine on the inside.

Just like that, I’d stayed with her in the hospital, after she was released, she’d transferred to work in Taipei.  Counting the days, that year, we’d met at the start of April, got married on the 10th of October, in the short six months’ time, I’d faced the challenges with her, knew each other better.  A year after we were wed, we’d had a cute baby girl, who is now, already, a last year high school student now.

So, a baby WAS written in the stars for this couple, and, because of this man’s love for this woman, he’d refused to leave her side when she went into surgery, that, is why fate had, blessed them both.


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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