That Old Banyan Tree

Because everything IS no longer the same, you can only, remember those earlier years shared with this tree in your mind, translated…

I’d loved quiet since I was a young child, and I’d taken everything as it come to me, when I’d gotten scolded by my elders, I’d always, find a place to hide, and waited until everything was okay, then, headed back home.  There was, an old banyan tree inside my school, which became, my temporary refuge.

That old banyan was over sixty years old, and it’s trunk, so large, that even TEN people couldn’t be enough to surround it, the branches were very wide and flat, like a bed with the mats; the roots extending downward are like an elderly, with a cane, knitted, into a net.

like this???  Not my photo…

In the heated summertime, I’d climb onto the tree, lying down on it, very comfortable.  The gentle breezes so soothing to me, made me forget all my worries.

I’d passed fifty, and as I’d listened to Lo Tayu’s “Childhood”, “On the Banyan next to the Pond/the Cicadas Called on the Summers………”, thinking to that old banyan back home, I’d felt nostalgic, and wanted to revisit again.

As I’d returned home, perhaps, it’s the urbanization plans, the place where that old banyan once sat was already, flattened out, turned into a small park now, looking at that empty grass patch, I’d felt, that sense of loss, surfacing up slowly.

The midnight hours came, the past came back to me, I’d longed for home, and, another song came to me, “Underneath the Banyan”: “Underneath the Banyan/Was the Place I’d Missed/The Cleared Skies/The Cooled Breezes/and the Green Grasses’ Scent……….”, and now, that small trail changed, became a flood gate, there isn’t any green there now, no scent of the green grasses, the banyan there was gone, there was, only that nostalgia that remained.

like this???  Not my photo still

The old banyan helped me passed my younger years, passed me through my harder times, it was once, my steady support when I’d felt lost, if the trees have spirits, will it, remember me?

So, everything IS changed, nothing is the same, but, the memories of your younger years that’s what’s still, very much alive, isn’t it?  And, so long as you hold those memories where they are, you will always be able to, return to that place in your childhood, where you’d, shared your many afternoons with that old tree, just not for real, as everything is taken away physically.


About taurusingemini

All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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