The Lecture of Master Bean Sprout

看過好萊塢電影《侏羅紀公園》嗎? 圖/鄭涵熙攝影master BEAN SPROUT, photo from…

Lessons offered, by nature, in this case, a sprouting plant, translated…

Have you seen the Hollywood movie, “Jurassic Park”?

This movie has a famous line, “Life will find a way”.

On my friend’s desk, I saw this point come to life, using its ballerina gracefulness, a sprout, pronouncing its existence, I was reminded of this line from the movie.

It’s, as if I heard, that sprout shout out, with a strong life force:

“Okay!  With the lids shut, no way out!  But, I’d decided, to pursue the light, to say hello to this world!………”

Ahhhhhhh, thinking on this, my friend didn’t need to have a sprout incubator, but used a very Zen-style teapot, as a vessel which the plant grew from, such, an interesting sense of humor it is!

And this small sprout has spirits too, very playful, fun, and used its unique form of humor, as a reply!

In the study with the lights coming in in the morning, it’s, as if, I can hear, that silent humorous march, resonating, echoing on.

I’d recalled how from the generations before, in the recipe books, there are, praises for the sprouts for being the “best in vegetables.”

But, this happy little plant that befell my eyes didn’t trigger my food connections but, used its, aesthetic curves, telling me———

Miracles are needed in life, and the biggest miracle is actually, yourself!

I’d recalled Helen Keller’s, “Life is only meaningful, when you affect someone else positively.”

This infectious bean sprout, was meaningful to me in such a way.

This is a moving microbeauty.

It’s also, an inspiration, for me, to breakthrough, and to create my own freedom.

Such freshness, such life, using its life, as a proof!

Other than being grateful to it, there’s, no way of, naming this moment, I can only write:

The words, of Zen master, Bean Sprout.

So, see how nature can teach us lessons on life?  Like something as simple, as a budding sprout, growing out of a Styrofoam cup layered with soil, and, these plants teach us that no matter what’s in the environment, if we work hard to grow tall, then, we will all be able to, break through ALL the obstacles of our separate lives, such a wonderful lesson, learned, at the start of one’s day, isn’t it???


About taurusingemini

All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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