The Tastes of Bananas

All your hard work, was stolen from you, how would THAT make you feel, huh???  Translated…

Sometimes, when my mouth tasted bitter, I’d wanted to have some foods, some sort of, desire for, something sweet.

labeling his harvest, photo from online…

It took me a long while, and I’d, recalled that dried pack of bananas, with the caramel colors.  But now, as I wanted to savor them, that pack of dried banana seemed to be stored, inside that jar, high up on that topmost shelf, I can’t reach it, even if I stood tiptoed.

During the past when the banana seasons came, grandma would take the peels off, and placed the bananas on the rice strainers and place it out in the sun for days on end, until the banana dried up and became dark brown, with the sugars concentrated inside, it’d, tasted, even sweeter, than the fresh bananas.  Back then, the drying processes happened in the fields, and heaven only knows how much dusts got on it, and, how many flies the fruits attracted, or maybe, it was because the flies weren’t as dirty as they are right now, nobody ever got stomach problems from eating it.

Compared to watermelons, the guava dipped in plum power, the tomatoes tipped in chopped ginger and sugar, whenever we’d wanted the bananas, we just, peeled the peel off, very simple, and it was, fulfilling.  After I’d started making my own way, I’d gone to the restaurants, ordered me up a banana split, and fruit salads, ahhhhhhh, there are, so many varieties we can enjoy bananas in now, so delicious too, I’m sure, that my father, who’d planted the banana would, love these too.

selling their home-grown bananas, photo from online…

As for the peels, Scott Joplin loved bananas too, there were movie scenes where he was consuming bananas, and the funny moments of how someone slipped and fell, from stepping on the banana peels he’d dropped.  There was a joke in the country where I grew up, “You should eat the banana peels if you’d lost love”, it was a joke, I’d, originally thought, that the bitterness of lost love tasted exactly like the bitterness of the banana peels.  But there are now, studies that documented how eating the banana peels can stabilize the moods, has similar effects of anti-depressants.

The leaves, are saved, for the sake of the sticky rice treats around the New Years, the purple bud, other than using it as toys when we played house, chopping it up, cook it, it’d become, animal feeds, and how do they taste?  Only the ducks, the chickens would know.

Now, as I gone to the markets to buy the bananas, the vendors would often comment, with full confidence, “this is from Taichung”, or “from Nantou”, “Very tasty”, uh-huh………if there are the bananas from Pingdong, then, I’m game.  Does it taste different?  Of course.  The slight differences in the tastes, only the various individuals can detect.

The prices of banana had been high for a very long time now, and so, two years ago, my eighty-five year-old father started thinking, planted a thousand trees.  It takes about a year for the trees to grow up, and to bear fruits, around September of last, when it’s ready for harvest, Typhoon Meranti took about a-third, Typhoon Malakas took half of what remained, and, as my father only harvested one bundle, came the alerts for Typhoon Megi, and, , “after the typhoon seasons, I’d not dared, to ask him about it.

this, would be the best kind: ripened on the trees before picking…photo from online…

Right before the Dragon Boat Festivals, the news reports said, that there was a banana thief who was beaten to death in the plantations.  And actually, the harvests getting stolen is no news at all, “Seven times this year already, the planter was so furious he’d beaten the thief to death”—the news media reported that at around seven in the morning, someone had made his way into the plantations to steal the bananas, but at 12:30 in the noon hours, the planter, Yang’s father called the police.  And, what had happened, during the hours when the sun scorched down, the only witnesses were, those banana trees.

My father’s bananas and betel nuts were often stolen too, especially when the prices are high.  Every time I’d heard about this sort of news, it was like I’d taken a bite from an unripened banana, that bitterness, does, NOT taste good at all!

So, this showed, how AWFUL the world’s people can be, how someone can, so carelessly, take something that someone worked, so very hard for, by just, stealing…


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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