The Child in the Alley

The encounters of one’s childhood years, and their effects on the person’s life as he got older, translated…

This story began in an alley.

Dar is a sickly young child, he had a difficult time, assimilating himself with his classmates, and was often, staying at home alone, didn’t go to school at all.  He’d loved sitting by the window and stared into space, sometimes when he got bored, he’d start clicking his camera as people or cars passed by his small window.

The world outside the window is never the same, other than the changing colors of the clouds up in the skies, there would be those racing cars wheezing by, or ambulances, rushing on; every now and then, he’d seen people getting into arguments, starting in physical altercations too.


Once, there was an elderly woman with a head of white hair downstairs, dressed in bright colors, dragging her suitcase off, like she was, waiting for someone.  Dar thought often, if he’d, stringed all of these people’s stories together, it must be, quite interesting!  But, it surely, isn’t at all, easy, to connect all of these fragments together, so they’d, become, this complete tale, that’s for sure.

One day, there was a stray that came by, it’d looked cleanly, but, its owner wasn’t around him.  He’d stumbled across the streets, almost got hit by the cars running past, Dar felt heartache over the animal, wanted to go downstairs to rescue it, but worried that his mom might scold him; mom’s kind of a clean freak, and would NEVER agree to him having a pet.

Day after day, Dar felt lonelier, and lonelier.  The scaffolds were set up on the opposite side of the streets now, and the outside walls were, beginning renovations.  Every day, Dar would watch the construction workers go about their business, working hard under that scorching sun, Dar hoped, that he could one day, be healthy like them, to make the money to live off of.

Every now and then, there would be people who aren’t in the right states of mind on the streets, once, there was a middle aged man poorly dressed, standing in the cross section, acting as a traffic cop, but everybody disregarded him, and just, passed by; once, there was, a crazy woman, every few short steps, she’d started, hopping around like a zombie would.  Dar felt sorry for them, but glad, that he was only, watching, from his side of the windows, felt that he was, protected, otherwise, it surely would be, scary, standing next to them.

Later, Dar grew up, and his physical illness had, made him tough on the inside.  He worked very hard, gotten many recognitions from work, and he’d started his own business and did very well for himself, and bought that building opposite of his childhood home, and married a wonderful woman too.

like this, perhaps???  Photo from online…

One day, his wife sorted through the photos that Dar took when he was younger, she’d started, crying.  And that, was when Dar learned, that that half-crazed lady he photographed from the streets was his mother-in-law.  His wife lived in his neighborhood, her grandmother, because she couldn’t stand how ill her own daughter became, she’d, abandoned her family, and, the dog the family had couldn’t find its owner, and went out looking for it, and was accidentally, photographed by Dar.

And that, was when both Dar and his wife realized, that everybody’s life carried some forms of trauma, that those seemingly, unimportant moments in the lives that are happening, can have strong effects on someone else; turns out, that child from the alley had established a strong connection with his own wife long, long ago, turns out, some accidental moments, aren’t, accidental, after all.

Strange how life worked, isn’t it???  This man who lived in this neighborhood, became an observer from his own windows, and, photographed the many goings on in the world beneath him, and, somehow, by the hands of fate, he’d, photographed his own future mother-in-law without knowing it.  Life is, strange that way, the moments were, seemingly random, but, are they, really???  Or, was it already, predestined, by fate already?

what, do you see???  Photo from online…


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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