Four Questions that Surfaced from Watching Snow White Again

There are more purposes than pure entertainment that children can get from those fairytales, translated…

I know of a lot of moms who would unintentionally tell their children those fairytales with princesses, because the characters of the schema of the princesses will easily weaken the little girls, and give the children unrealistic romantic fantasies about life.  But my own rule is, that if the parents scanned out the materials that they disliked, they can’t actually, keep the information away from their own young; on the contrary, the adults had, by not telling those stories with characteristics that they disliked, stopped the discussions they should be having with their young, and to understand their own children’s thoughts better.

a frame from the cartoon, found online…

When Mimi Chou was in her preschool years, she’d loved those Disney princess tales especially, and I’d not minded it at all, whether it be cartoons, books, or books on tapes, I’d allowed her to read and listen all she wanted to.  And in our daily lives, there were still, a TON of discussions on gender, so, there were, several times, as Mimi Chou was watching the cartoons, she’d asked me those, amazing questions.

Because Mimi Chou especially minded how the Prince Charming rode Snow White out of the forest, with the Seven Dwarfs crying, so her first question was: “Why is Snow White moving into the castle with the Prince, instead of the Prince moving in to the small cabin where the Seven Dwarfs lived?”  And so we’d started discussing, how “a lot of girls after they married, they would leave their mommies and daddies, and boys don’t need to leave home”, this sort of a setup for “marriages”.

Later on, she’d asked me, “Who loved Snow White more, the Seven Dwarfs or the Prince?”, I’d asked her why she wanted to know.  She’d told me, “the Seven Dwarfs gave their beds to Snow White and let her stay in their home, but the Prince didn’t do anything for her, I think, the Seven Dwarfs loved Snow White more.”, I’d told her, “You’re absolutely right, on a level, this story seems to be telling us, that being tall, dark and handsome beats having an ordinary kind of love.”

Snow, riding off with the Prince…footage from online…Snow ridding off with the prince animation 的圖片結果

Because this sort of questioning and answering gained my praises, Mimi Chou started thinking about how all the stories are different from her encounters in life.

One day on the way to school, she who is usually talkative, fell silent, and stated casually, “Mom, Snow White doesn’t even know the Prince yet, and she followed him off, wouldn’t that be dangerous?”, I’d told her, Yeah, I’d never thought of it that way!  The adults all teach children not to follow someone they don’t know off, and so, why are they, telling this sort of stories to the young?  That very evening, she’d put the cartoon on again, as Snow White rode off on the Prince’s horse, she’d pointed to Snow and stated, “You should, get his name first!”

I was laughing so hard by her side.

In the end, she saw the BIGGEST flaw of the story, she’d stated, “How can Prince Charming kisses Snow White without getting her permissions first?”, I’d told her, “If you want to kiss someone, then, passed out, she couldn’t consent, and yet, the Prince still kissed her, isn’t the story written very funny in that sense?  The Seven Dwarfs respected Snow White more, but, she’d, left them.”  Mimi stated angrily, “This, is a bad story.”

A lot of the times, we believe that fairytales can’t do any harm, without knowing, that this, is how the children construct their worlds, and how they formed the views of the world.  Having a positive discussion is the first step to training your children to think independently, the adults shouldn’t just, feed the children these stories, or just, delete what they feel to be improper from the tales.  You must know, that the children will face this world alone on their own, and they’d needed to develop that sense of judgment, instead of having others calling the shots for them.

This, is another example, of how to raise a rational child, by having them watch videos, movies, appropriate for their ages, and, allowing them to question the details from the stories, like how the child of this single mother posed so many cool questions as she watched Disney’s Snow White again, and this mom was right beside her young child, and explaining things to her, posing questions to her, to get the child to think more on the matters of gender, and this discussion could’ve never happened, had the adult just, sat the kid down in front of the T.V., popped in the DVD, and, had the kid watch the cartoon from start to finish, without accompanying by…


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