Getting Trained by the Jobs

Training on the job, that, is most practical, anything else, all the mental preparation, what other people tell you about the tasks you will handle, they’re, unrealistic, because until you’d, experienced it FIRST-HAND, they’re all just, W-O-R-D-S from someone else, translated…

sometimes, you need to get on the front lines, to know what it’s really all about, photo from online…

Professor Chun-Ling especially had the man in charge of the village, Ching-Ya Yen to give us a guided tour, and explained to us the history, the development of the village.  The very first step I took into the village, I’d found, that it is, filled, with, this literariness, every single wall, the corners of the streets, had the fitted local decorations, there were the camellias and striped abutilon-shaped transformer units, and it’d, made the local well-known writer’s novel of “Castrated Rooster” come to life too, in form of mosaic, lampposts, or the wall décor, there were also the Chinese calligraphy painter, Lee’s early interpretations of matrimonial celebrations long ago, the bamboo art pieces by Wen-Ji Wang………and on top of that, nearly ALL the local families had, kept their houses the way it’d looked from the very beginning, and, the shops all sold the specialty products of the town too.  This was surprising to me, because these couple of years, a lot of the “older streets” in Taiwan had been, overdeveloped, like in Danshui, or Jiufeng, one was by the sea, the other, by the mountains, but, they’d had, similar shops, with similar souvenirs.  The village director, Yen said, “here, you will, NEVER find to shops that sold the exact same things, nor will you find two houses exactly alike.”

Then, he’d introduced us to the local’s “Cultural Tour Seasons”, “The Firefly Shows”, and other local specialty activities, as well as the almost completed Taiping Ladder up into the clouds, I’d curiously asked how he’d interpreted the relationship between development of the community, the culture, the history, as well as the nature, he’d claimed, that he’d only utilized the hard work of his forefathers, as well as wisdoms from everybody else, to complete the projects that he was, NO artist, nor was he, a biologist, or a historian, even, he’d worked as an instructor at the Chiayi Business high School.  He’d told me, “Before I took charge of the village, I didn’t know how to be a person in charge of a village, but don’t worry, your job will have you trained in no time.”  It was, hard for me to imagine, that this man who’s very creative, and director of all things that happens in the village, was, a retired serviceman.  Mr. Yen told me, “So long as you want to do this job, naturally, everything in the job, will train you well, a lot of things, if you’re not in that position, then, you wouldn’t comprehend.”

This rang true to me, some people wanted new challenges, but feared that lacking the experiences, and so, before anybody could negate her/him, s/he had already, negated her/himself, then, turned around, returned, BACK to what s/he had done from before, tasks, that s/he was, familiar with.  There are others, who are willing, to take the challenges from what they’d never done before, because they knew, some of the things, they’re, prepared for, and yet, other things, you can, NEVER fully prepare yourselves for, you’d needed to, get into that post, when you’d, encountered the challenges firsthand, then, the work post will lead the individual to come up with ways to problem-solve, “Why did those before me do it like this?”  “What can I do differently now?”  “How can I leave behind ways of tackling this task easier for those who are taking over?”

some things, you just can’t learn, by reading those textbooks, photo from online…

Two months ago, my wife gave me a son, and so, other than being a director at a theatre, id’ added, a new job title: Daddy.  Although, I’d, read through the tips of childrearing from online, and my friends and families, relatives too, shared their experiences with me, but, no matter how prepared I thought I was, at being a dad, nothing compared to placing that young child in my arms for me to hold.  I’m sure, that a lot of men had, experienced this, so long as someone hands their child to them, they’d switched, into “Daddy mode”.  Hearing the baby’s cries, we’d think, are you hungry first; if it’s not time yet, then, the diapers must need changing; and if the diaper’s clean, then, the child must need to be held by an adult.  And now, as a stay-at-home dad, although I’m far from a pro, but, it’d, made me, fulfilled.

Sometimes, we go out and find a job, and sometimes, jobs come and found us.  When you’re certain, that you’re, ready for a challenge, don’t worry, the job will teach you all you need.

So, learning by doing, is what this man is “preaching”, and he is absolutely right, because, NO matter how much you’d prepared yourselves, anticipated the multitude of things that can happen in a set circumstance, it still pale by comparisons to when you step up to that plate to bat (baseball analogy anyone???), and this, is why, work is good training for life, and, work if you find a right one, will be, fulfilling, just as the writer stated.


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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