Being a Study Buddy to Children in the Orphanage, the Volunteers of China Trust Kept Going for Twelve Years and are Still Going on Strong

The dedications of the volunteers, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

For twelve years, every Saturday morning, there would be nearly fifty volunteers from China Trust who’d used their time off, headed to the children’s home in the northern regions set up by the Department of Sanitations & Welfare, to accompany the children to read or do homework; the children originally misbehaved themselves, but, the moment the volunteers arrived, everybody piped down and became, settled, focused on the stories that these big brothers and sisters told.

Tsai had worked for five years with the China Trust Banks, he’d been involved in the volunteer program for four years now, growing up in a single-parent family, the moment he’d started working in China Trust, he’d signed on for the volunteer work, he’d entered into the “school’s program volunteers”, and now, every single Saturday, he’d headed to the Children’s Home in the northern districts, to help them with schoolwork.

中信志工陪讀photo from…

Recently, Tsai received a card, a little boy he looked after wrote, the young boy stated, “Thanks, big brother Tsai, for accompanying me through the years”, helping him meet his academic goals, he’d started making better grades each and every time.  Tsai recalled taking care of this young boy, from being strangers, to establishing that trust, to now, helping the young boy meet his academic goals, it’d made him feel warm on the inside.  Tsai said, so long as we’re willing to show care and concern, and accompany, the children will definitely feel it, he will continue to get involved in the volunteer programs, other than fulfilling his own life, he’d helped children out as well.

In order to help the families from the lower end of the socioeconomic status, the Charitable Foundation of China Trust Banks set up three teams of volunteers, “Afterschool Tutoring”, “Financial Advisors”, and “English Tutors”, the afterschool tutoring volunteers numbered up to 169, and there are, also 20 who volunteered as English tutors.

Other than helping children with their homework, and lessons, these green-vested older brothers and sisters would read the story books to the children, adding to the children’s sense of character formation, and had assigned the older children to life-skills trainings such as how to not be affected by peer pressure, and techniques to say no to drugs.

So, this is a great program set up by a business, this bank is giving back to the community, with the help from the employees, and, we need more programs like this one, to make this world a better place, and, it’s with the selfless giving back to the community, the willingness to put in the time that these volunteers showed, that’s managed to make a difference in the lives of young children…


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