The Man Who’d Starved His Mother & Older Brother to Death Gambled Away $600,000N.T. Per Month

Maybe, if he didn’t have the gambling habit, his mother and brother’s lives could be, spared…from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The case of death by starvation of the mother-son pair, the Gongs, the police found, that the suspect, Gong had close to $600,000N.T. with him, but, he’d, gambled it all away in a little over a month’s time, the police suspected that he couldn’t pay the bills, so he’d taken his mother and older brother home from the nursing homes, and planned to starve them to death back then; Gong was charged with murdering of his own kin and murder charges, and the D.A. believed him to be at flight risk, and the judge agreed to have the police take him into custody.

After the fifty year-old suspect was arrested, he’d admitted to starving his own mother to death, claimed that he hadn’t fed the two of them since June 3rd; on June 6th, his mother died of starvation, he’d given his brother some sleeping pills, and his older brother died on the 9th.  He said, that he killed them both, because he couldn’t afford to take care of them, he had no money, and denied having planned the murders, and claimed, that at the bottom of June, he’d gotten drunk, took the sleeping pills, and attempted to commit suicide by burning charcoal, because he didn’t die, after he woke, he’d accompanied his mother and older brother’s corpses for over twenty days, then, left home.

But, the police found, that Gong was into the Bingo slots, and that in March of this year, he’d still had $100,000N.T. in cash on him, and that his mother’s post office account had over $240,000N.T.s, plus the funds raised by the neighbors, amounting to about $80,000N.T.s, the daughter, the relatives, chipping in there was, a total of about $600,000N.T. that the family had; the suspect had, after placing his mother in a nursing home on March 22nd, in a little over a month’s time, gambled it all away.

On May 30th, he’d taken his older brother and mother home, and on June 2nd, he’d bought charcoal at the supermarkets, and during which time as the friends, relatives, other members of the family came to visit, he’d kept them away; he’d left a note, saying he was unfitting as a son, and that he was under great stress, that, was why he’d chosen to end his life this way, “I beg the judge be kind, and sentence me to death!”

But the police found, that on June 30th, Gong had withdrawn the government assistance of a little over $20,000N.T., then stayed in the net cafés, as the police caught him two days ago, he was still playing online games, with the three lotto tickets that didn’t match he bought on the seventh, as he was on the run, he’d still dreamed of striking it rich; the police suspected that he’d set up the plans for murdering his family members a long time, that the attempted suicide was only, to throw the police off the tracks of investigation.

So, this, is how this loser attempted to weasel his way out of murdering his own mother and brother, he was the one with the gambling habit, couldn’t hold a job, and yet, he used the excuses of how taking care of his mother and older brother was too hard?  Gladly, the police didn’t buy it!


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