Her Grandmother Had, Begged & Pleaded Her to Tell the Truth, the Pregnant Teen Told, “Grandpa Had, Raped Me…”

From the news pages of MSN.com.tw., translated by me…

An old horn dog!  A thirteen-year-old girl lived with her maternal grandmother, it’s just, the two of them, living together, two years ago, the grandmother observed, and found that the granddaughter was, seemingly pregnant, this well-behaved, young woman, had gotten, pregnant, out of wedlock, and, no matter how hard the grandmother pressed her to tell, she wouldn’t, until the grandmother threatened to kill herself by drinking pesticides, did the teen finally, told her grandmother what had, happened.

The teen originally lived with her maternal grandparents, until her grandfather passed away, it was, just her and her grandmother, and, the teen was, introduced to an elderly male acquaintance of her grandmother’s, Chuang, he would visit their home often, and would take the teen out too, buy things for her, the adolescent called the elderly man, “Grandpa” regularly too.

But two years ago, the grandmother found her granddaughter’s belly getting larger, and was shocked that she was, pregnant, and, it wasn’t until the elderly pressured her granddaughter that she was going to, drink pesticide to commit suicide, did the teenager come out with the truth, that “grandpa” raped her.  The grandmother found, that started three months ago, the man had taken the opportunity of the twice a month outing he had with the teen, to abuse her sexually, and used a quid pro quo to get her to have sex with him, by giving her things she’d wanted, the teen felt disgusted, uncomfortable, but, when she thought of how kind he was to her regularly, she didn’t know whether to forgive him, or to hate me, “I don’t know whether I should forgive him or what……”.  The grandmother also disclosed, that the teen told her, that she didn’t want to go out alone with the elderly man, that every time she came back from an outing, she’d taken long showers, and claimed that she was, too beat, that she needed, to sleep, the grandmother thought that it was her teenage rebellion, told her to be nice to Chuang, but she didn’t know, that she was sending her granddaughter into the lion’s den, she’d, blamed herself for what happened to her granddaughter.

Chuang claimed, “If I didn’t do it, she’d, hit me!”, said that she was very interested in pornography, and has a strong libido too, it’s just, that he had the problems of premature ejaculation, that it was over, in a very short time, that he didn’t know how she got pregnant.  After the judge heard the testimonies and learned that the girl was only in the fifth grade back then, she hadn’t a single clue of what sex was about, that it wouldn’t be true, that she’d, solicited Chuang for sex, and that Chuang was the one, taking advantage of the young girl, in the end, the judge found Chuang GUILTY, of raping an underage minor, gave him twenty-five years in prison, the decision can be appealed.

So this old HORN dog only received twenty-FIVE short years, for hurting someone for LIFE, how’s that justice, huh?  It isn’t, and this elderly took advantage of the trust of this young woman, and, he’d, abused that trust, and, this will cause this young woman to have more problems in the future, and, no amount of punishment that’s harsh enough, to make it right!






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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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