My Father-in-Law Who Refused to Have a Liver Transplant

The terminal stations of L-I-F-E!  Translated…

My father-in-law had always been able-bodied, loved planting his fields, he’d tilled up the land with the hoe, to plant the seeds, while my mother-in-law watered the plants, and killed off the insects, in his eighties he was also, the role model volunteer of his community, but recently, he was diagnosed with acute hepatitis, his GOT/GPT rose up, he’d still driven himself leisurely off of the mountains, then, we’d, taken him into the hospital to treat.  As the primary physician told us that he was in life-threatening danger that he may suffer liver failure, my mother-in-law who was standing close by started crying silently, my father-in-law patted her shoulders, consoled with her, “I’d accompanied you for over sixty years, I truly love having you as my wife, all of our offspring are very well behaved, I’d lived my life fully.”

My father-in-law is an elegant gentleman, every morning after he wakes, he’d taken that shaving knife, and shaved his own beard, and smiled at his reflection in the mirrors, then, groomed, thoroughly, through his silvery strands of hair, then, he’d used LINE, to greet everybody good morning.

公公平時身體硬朗,喜歡種田,他用鋤頭翻土種菜,婆婆則負責抓蟲澆水,八十歲了還是社...picture from the papers…

And he and my mother-in-law were very close, they’d held hands as they walked.  That day, my mother-in-law cried into my shoulders, “Why can’t I go before him?  Now he’s in the hospital, I don’t even have the chance, to fall asleep beside him now.”  I’d held back the tears, tried to console with her, “Mom, you’d once told me, that you’d worshipped Buddha, because you wanted an easy death, and now, if dad goes into a coma, and leave us, it would be like he’d, died in his sleep, this, was a blessing of dad’s, because it wouldn’t be painful.”

The whole family, naturally, couldn’t, accept this outcome, we’d not given up on ANY measures of treatment options, in the end, we’d decided on liver transplant, it was, a battling decision we’d, made.  My father-in-law who’s the recipient needed to have his physical conditions considered, and, as the sons or grandsons donated, they’re, faced with this long road to recovery, and we’d also, worried about rejections after the donations.  After my father-in-law thought thoroughly, he’d told us, “Just allow me to die free, no need for the extra medical procedures, I’d needed dialysis repeatedly, this quality of life isn’t what I want, plus, I wouldn’t be merciful to my children, if I received a part of their livers.”

Although we’d felt helpless, but my father-in-law was insistent, and we can all only, respected his wishes, took him home to where he lives to recoup, he could sit out in the sun every day, enjoying the beautiful flowers from his vegetable garden.  Looking at my in-laws who’d been in love for over sixty years, sitting there, in the garden, leaning against one another, enjoying the gentle breezes, maybe, this, is the most beautiful time in my father-in-law’s, final days.

So, this man had, lived a full life, with children, grandchildren, and a loving wife, which was why he’d refused the liver transplant, he’d taken into considerations, the quality of his life after the transplant, even though the liver transplant would make him better, but, he still had other health issues, so, he’d decided, on the DNR, to live out his final days, as he chooses to.


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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