Arnold, the Teacher, Anonymous, in Helping to Clean Up the Beaches and the Mountains, He’d Done This Voluntarily for Five Years to Date

Here we have, someone, who’s really doing SOMETHING, to help the environment get better!  And so, instead of speaking brilliantly on ALL those policies to reduce pollution, why don’t all of you, government officials, start rolling up those sleeves, and DO something like this man is doing, huh???  From the Newspapers, translated…

The man in the mask, who’d quietly, work hard, to clean up the trash left behind by the visitors on the beaches and in the mountains, before the Sea Cultural Tourism Expo started in Toucheng, Yilan, went on his own, to the Wushih Harbor’s beach, where a concert was held, to pick up the trash left behind by the tourists, it took him an entire day to clean it off by himself, and he’d only had two Asian-style buns, to keep up his strengths, he’d wanted to use this to remind the public that “nobody is an outsider when it comes to defending our oceans, our beaches, our lands”.

面對烏石港旁堤防的無止盡垃圾,蒙面俠「阿諾」不畏酷熱,獨自清掃撿拾。 記者陳珮琦 the man is, cleaning up the messes left behind by the people who visited the places, photo courtesy of

This man’s original name is Wen-Ji Wu, he is a physical education instructor in a middle school, a student once asked him, “Teacher, you’d told us a lot about one good deed a day, and stories of how people loved Taiwan, and to lead by example, did you, do that also?”, he’d made a decision, having picked up on moral education, “I’ll show all of you, my students!”

For five years on end, the coastlines of the Northeast, the Xiangshan Hiking Pass, the Hiking Trail in Jingmei, the Seven-Star Mountains, as well as Guanyin Mountain, and many, many more places, on the weekends, Wu would head there on the weekends, to clean up the environments all by himself, the beaches too, he was able to, move a lot of the bystanders; every time he’d gone out, he’d always, wrapped his body up completely with clothes and hat, showing only his eyes, he was mistaken for being a weirdo, and some had thought him to be a bad guy.  Wu said however, keeping his face covered up can help reduce the sense of self, and he’d better focus on cleaning up the environment.

After the beach side concert in Yilan, Wu came out, swept up the grounds, picked up the trash, underneath the scorching sun, he’d picked up the trash left behind by the concert goers, and, stuffed the backseat, as well as the trunk of his own car full, then, drove all the trash to the dumpster yards owned by the government’s cleaning crews, and for this whole day of sweep, he’d only had two simple Chinese buns.  Wu said, “You need to have heart, to keep the sea clean, with just the energy from two simple Chinese buns, I can accomplish a lot too.”

getting everybody in the community to partake in cleaning up the beaches, for the betterment of the society, photo from online…

He’d also called out to the performers singing on the beaches, that they can also, help influence the masses, a fan of the group claimed, “Loving our oceans, no one is excluded!”

So this man is using his own strength, to make a difference, and, maybe he himself alone, won’t have much of an affect, but, he hopes to inspires others like him, to start caring about the environment, by working on the beaches to pick up the trash first, and this school instructor had, set a good example, NOT just for his students, his children (if he has them???), but also, the rest of the community.  A man giving his own time, to make the environment better for all, what more better forms of giving back to the world is there???







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