A Blessing or a Curse, It’s All in a Thought

From examining the experiences in someone else’s life, translated…

My sister was troubled by her economics after she married, and would often ask to borrow money from me to help herself out of difficult situations.  Seeing how we’re sisters, I’d, done all I could for her.  But, she’d never, returned the borrowed amount back to me ever, and, I couldn’t possibly, make myself to ask her for it, and I’d not wanted to make that hole that my younger sister dug deeper either, and so, I’d started, finding excuses that I couldn’t lend any more money to her, and slowly, we’d, lost touch.

Once I’d told mom about this, and, she’d believed, that even as sisters, we’d needed, to be up front about monetary issues, and she’d called my sister up about it.  My sister told her, that she’d, paid me back, that I was the one, who’d, forgotten about it.

As I’d heard, I was so angry and upset, I’d wanted to, call her to confront her, and I remembered how she had a vascular condition, that if she got very emotional from me giving her hell, and had a stroke or something, that, wasn’t anything I was, willing, to be held responsible for.  In the end, I’d, swallowed it back down, and, kept my conscience cleared.

After a week, I’d heard from mom, that my younger sister had a stroke, it was, shocking to me!  How can someone as young as she has a stroke?  Would it leave her paralyzed?  Is she in, any kind of life-threatening danger?  I was so worried I’d rushed to the hospitals to see her, seeing her left hand and left foot moved out of coordination, I’d felt very bad for her.  And, the cause of her stroke, I’d, attributed to her stubbornness, wouldn’t follow the doctor’s orders to keep her blood pressure under control regularly, I’d encouraged her to work hard in rehab, so she can have her original life back again.

makes you feel bad, watching her, just lie there, doesn’t it???  Photo from online…

As I walked out of the hospitals, I was, filled with a mixture of emotions, and felt in a way, that I was, spared.  Had her stroke happened, right after I’d confronted her about the money I’d lent to her, I’d blamed myself for causing her to have a stroke, and felt tortured by my own conscience, or maybe, some would say, that my younger sister’s stroke was from her getting angry at me.  Keeping the angers locked up for the time being, save ourselves the troubles for the future, such, a truth in this situation.  Turns out, that blessing or curse is only in a thought, although I’d lost a bit of money, but, I’d, salvaged my relationship with my sister, and I’d, not blamed myself, I’d considered myself, blessed.

So, we can’t tell, if the stroke was caused by the narrator’s pressing her sister to pay her back, but, there are, usually, a multitude of factors that may have contributed to a stroke, the diets, the emotional distress, they should all get, factored in, and, in this case, timing WAS, everything, and this woman learned, that money isn’t as important, as family, so, it’s not as if, she’d, lost the money she’d lent to her younger sister for nothing, she got a lesson from life!


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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