Putting a Poodle for a Stay at an Animal Shelter, She Took the $1,500N.T. Fee Out of Her Own Pockets

Kindness toward an animal here, from the papers, translated…

The Taidong Animal Shelter’s Attempts to Prevent Owners from Dumping Their Pets Started Charging the Owners for Placing Their Dogs, and They’d Met the Very First Member of the Public Who Was Very Kind Enough to Put up the Money for Adopting the Pet Out.

A Woman, Chang, on the fourth picked up a red poodle at a hiking pass, she’d delivered it to the nearest pet shelter; the Taidong Animal Shelter employed the new rules, and aske Chang to put up $1,500N.T., and completed the process of placing the pet she’d found.  Taidong is the only place in Taiwan that charges the owners a fee for placing their pets, and, Chang became, the very first who was willing to spend the money, out of compassion since the law was implemented.

a poodle for adoption, photo from online…

Based off of understanding, Chang was visiting Taidong from Taichung, on the fourth of this month, she’d picked up a red poodle at a hiking pass, she’d delivered it to the shelter, and said she was willing to pay the $1,500N.T. placement fee, because the very first who’d placed an animal for a fee since the laws were implemented.

So, although it wasn’t her dog, this woman was still willing, to spend the money, to place the pet she’d found in a shelter, to help the dog find a brand new home, and this still just shows, that there are, still, a TON of kind hearts in the world here.

who would want to abandon something as cute as this, I wonder???red poodles in a kennel 的圖片結果photo from online…


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