Squandering Away Over a Hundred Thousand Dollars Per Month, the Second Generation of the Rich Family Got Arrested for Drug Abuse

The costliness of drug abuse, and even IF you’re from a rich background, eventually, the money you already have (by inheritance or whatever???) still won’t hold you forever! From the Front Page Sections, translated…
“I had been arrested before, but I just, can’t quit it, every shot costs $3,000N.T., and I would need to spend over a hundred thousand dollars for my habit.” A well-known textile mill’s forty-two-year-old second generation owner, Wu was arrested again for illegal substance abuse, he said, these past few years, he’d already, squandered over tens of millions of dollars away on his drug habits, he knew that abusing the substance was bad for him, but, as he had a relapse of needing the substances, he couldn’t, handle it.

drug abuse 的圖片結果like this??? Photo from online…
Wu’s father was well-known in the textile mill industry in Changhwa, he held high expectations for his own son, over a decade ago, he’d sent his son, who was right out of university to Australia to study, planned to hand over his company to him. After Wu returned, he was assigned the job of being the assistance to the C.E.O. of the company, his father wanted him to learn the trade, so he could take over the family business, but he’d gotten, deeper, and deeper into his addictions, and, he’d disappointed in his work performances, and left the position assigned to him by his father.
At around four in the morning yesterday, Wu drove to a four-story mansion on Fushan Street in Changwha, after he rang the doorbell, someone opened up the fourth floor window, threw a key with a red thread, afterwards, Wu used the key and went upstairs, he’d spent three thousand dollars on heroin from a man nicknamed “Bing”, and started injecting himself in the living room, and as he was getting high, the police busted the door open, he was so shocked he’d become, dumbfounded.

or this???  Photo from online, again…

After “Bing” heard that someone unknown was unlocking the doors from outside, he’d jumped out the windows, to try to escape; the second generation well-to-do, Wu, and three other providers were all, sent to the Changhwa D.A.’s Office to get processed. Based off of understanding, the family members of Wu knew about his addictions, but didn’t force him into rehab; the father gave him a lot of stocks of his own company, and he’d gotten a huge chunk of the family inheritance too, if he’d needed the money, his father would’ve given him, no questions asked.
So, this, is how his habits was, fueled, by his own family’s giving him money endlessly. This man got FIRED from the company, because of his drug abuse, and you’d think, that he would learn something, but NO, he only, exacerbated, because, addictions are usually, very HARD to get, because there’s NOT only the physical side to addiction, there’s, also the psychological side, and in order to kick addiction completely, you must, tackle BOTH fronts, and this man’s family didn’t even make him go to rehab, they just keep on, handing him the cash when he asked them for it. Another, SPOILED rotten adult!!!



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