My Mother, Who Lives Her Life Beautifully

The features of a woman, passing through the trials of her life, and still, she’s, able to, live her life, in such, a beautiful manner, translated…

After the seasons changed, the tung oil tree decorated the hills with its beautiful white blossoms.  After walking through eighty years of life, what sort of a mind state would one have, in seeing the world?  This limited number of years remaining may bring about fear, and, for my mother, who’d lived for her families from the very beginning, without one moment for her self, her life is, very, enriching.

look at how much of life she’s weathered, not my photo…

a weathered woman 的圖片結果

Life, is her belief, she’d worked hard, living.  At seventy, she’d taken up Chinese calligraphy painting, it’d been thirty years since, after lunch every single day, after she took a short break, she’d spread out that paper in her study, dipped the writing brush with ink, then, stroke, by stroke, entered, into her own imaginary world.  Kuan Fang’s “Mapping Out the Journey into the Mountains” was her favorite, two-thirds of the painting were filled with the rocks, the mountains, a-third, made up of the distant mountain tops, my mother used the rain drop style, and painted, the mountains took up the whole paper, with that forcefulness to it; and the pedestrians on the passages seemed, extremely, small, making this huge contrast.  It’d shown, how in the universe, man shouldn’t focus on conquering, but this humbleness.  My mother would paint for four hours on end, without any sign of tiring out, like she’s, entered, into that highly, meditative stage.

In her second year of high school, because of the war, she, originally attending the all-female county high school, rushed back home from her way to school, ran with her family, away from the world, with nothing but the Communist flags flying, after going through the trials, came to Taiwan; and later, she’d become, an army wife, with NO right for pessimism, and can only become independent, and wise in life.

Even as she’d spoken Mandarin, with a thick Cantonese accent, my home became, the counseling center as well as gathering place for all the moms on our block.  Because my mother knew how to listen, and her eyes looking understanding, her bright laughter, can help the neighborhood mothers, pour their hearts out.

elderly woman pursuing her interests 的圖片結果like this???  Photo from online..

And, their hardships were, lessened, by my mother being a listener, and the joys, multiplied, because of sharing the moment, this was, especially, apparent on my mother.  As Aunty Liu’s husband passed away, after my mother shopped for her groceries every day, she’d always, made her way to her house to be with her; picking out the vegetables from the garden, clearing up the yard, chit chat, only the butterflies dancing by, captured the secrets they’d shared with one another.  Mrs. Jiang’s son was diagnosed with cancer, and she’d, burned on both ends, going between the hospital and her home, my mother took her other two children to our place, and told us to look out for them, to play with them, so they can feel the warmth of the love from having siblings.

And now, she already has a house full of grandchildren, other than Chinese calligraphy paintings, she’d gotten up at five in the morn daily, headed to the park, and exercised with her old friends; and, as the night falls, she’d taken out her cell phone, and click open websites of “Health Tips” or “Words to the Wise”, to supply herself with the boosts she’d needed.  She believed, that the world is alike a boomerang, giving to others, others shall too, give back to you, giving blessings to the world, the world gives blessings back, giving sorrows, the world gives you sorrows back.

These wisdoms of life, she’d not just written them down daily, she’d lived them too, just like the flowers from the trees in the hills, with that never-ending life force, with also, that scent of leisure, comfort, living life easily.

So, this, is this elderly woman’s accumulations of life, she’d weathered through a lot in life, so basically, nothing can possibly scare her again, and now, she’s focused in living her life her way, and this, is a good example of what everybody should WANT to be like when we grow older.


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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