The Three Sisters Shared a Husband, Six Years Later, He Was Sued for Rape

This was, WRONG from the very start if you ask me!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man, Liang because of fraud, had an active arrest warrant, as he escaped, he’d falsified himself as a relative of a namely organization’s head, had a college age female student offered herself to him, told her he could get her into the company.  The college student became suspicious later, asked her older and younger sister to confirm, but the three sisters were all coaxed to marry Liang using the claims of “you are all haunted by the ghosts of deceased infants”, they’d shared a husband for over six years.  The High Courts found Liang guilty of forced sexual acts, gave him nineteen years four months’ sentence.

On the rape charges of the first trial, the judge believed, that the three women willingly had sex with Liang, and sold themselves, Liang was found not guilty, but he was given two years for fraud and forgery, was taken into custody at the Taipei holding cell, after he’d heard the verdict yesterday, he’d screamed, “I want an appeal!”

The High Court’s verdict said, that these three siblings started working in the factory in their middle school years, their parents were divorced when they were young, they’d relied on one another, finished their college education.  They’d told the judge, that their father remarried, that going away with their mother, life wasn’t kind either.

In October of 2005, Liang falsified himself as a Chinese man returning her abroad, posted an ad for a secretary online, the second sister was in college, she’d gone to apply for the job, Liang lied to her on how his mother was a stockholder of LV, that he has a way, to find her work in the company.  But wanted to have sex with her first; after the female student accepted his offer, she felt something wasn’t quite right, told it to her older sisters.

The youngest sister said, that the very first time she’d met Liang, the man told her abruptly, “I’m a master, I can help you rid of evil spirits.”, but was raped to “get rid of the infant spirit”.  Later Liang told her he had a sex tape of her and her boyfriend, forced her to continue to have sex.  The April of the following year, Liang threatened the eldest “Your younger sisters are in my custody”, so, the eldest sister was also, taken advantage of too.

In 2008, the youngest sister gave birth to a child for Liang, the infant had a condition with his colon, was transferred to a major hospital, Liang lied about being a member of some major bank corporation, demanded a special room, accumulated up the medical bills, then, ran off.

The three sisters moved with Liang everywhere, demanded to sell themselves for money, to steal, as they got older, they’d discovered, that the way they were treated wasn’t “quite right”, they’d called their cousin to help get the police.  After the youngest called the police, she’d found that Liang had lived under a false name, plus her story was outrageous, the officers first thought she wasn’t mentally stable.

The judge sighed, that the three sisters were mistreated by their stepmother, and, their mother wasn’t kind, and, Liang had used “you’re willing to watch your sisters starve?” to coax them to have sex, it’d damaged the victims greatly, he was very, malicious.

So, either that these girls are just, WAY too young way too NAÏVE, or, way too STUPID, I really don’t know which!  But, this man had, used their fears to coerce them, which is even worse, and now, he’s caught, I hope that the judge will give him the harshest sentence possible, and I hope, that no “young ladies” will ever fall for this sort of CRAP again, but, I know, that there will be, more victims who fall for this sort of bullshit still!


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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