Summer’s Only Begun, There Are Already SEVEN Cases of Sex Crimes Relating to Children Already

It’s the HIGH season, with the children out of school, parents working, this only means, PREDATORY ALERT!!!  From the Newspapers, translated…

The Hsinbei City’s Domestic Violence Prevention Center Estimates, that the summer’s only begun four days ago, and the city already processed SEVEN cases of rapes and sexual molestation cases involving children and teens.

The summers are normally, the height of the cases of rapes against teenagers, the sex trafficking cases.  The Prevention Center’s manager, Hsu said, that since the implementation of the amendment against children and adolescent sex trafficking, it’d enlarged the protection, filming, producing sexually-illicit photo, video footages are all against the laws, and if caught, the offenders will get under three years of prison time, compounded with a fine of under five million dollars.

Hsu said, that the instances where teens or children were photographed normally happen when the parents couldn’t watch them, sometimes, the underage children were drawn by the adult, using drugs, cell phones, and rooms, in the end, they’d become, unsalvageable.  There was a teenage girl who’d taken shots of themselves nude and handed the photos to each other while they were still dating, after they broke up, the ex-boyfriend posted the photos online, and although she’d demanded him to remove it, but it’d already gone viral, a year later her classmate saw it online, and passed it back to her.

Because the summers is a time when there’s NOT much to do for the students, they are, easily fallen, to the schemes of those predators out there, and, the parents can’t watch them well, as the parents still needed to work, otherwise, where would the money come from?  So, this is a season, that the government would be keeping that eye on the activities of the nation’s teenagers.





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