Another Predatory School Teacher Caught

From the TV News stations here, translated by me…

The sighting of yet, ANOTHER predatory school instructor!  A homeroom instructor, took advantage of how naïve a female student was, molested her and forcibly kissed her, until the child went home one day and told her mother, “I need to brush my teeth today”, that, was when the whole thing came out.

This predatory instructor was a third-grade instructor about fifty years of age, starting last February, he’d had the female student sit next to him, using the excuse of having her help with grading the assignments.  Pretended he was checking on how she was doing, grabbed her thighs, her buttocks by opportunity, the girl was thrilled, not knowing how she was to react, and he’d sexually molested her, two more times, using the same measures.

sexual molestation of a young child

Last year on May 27th, the instructor saw how the rest of the class had gone off to their English classes and she was the only one left in the classrooms, he’d forcibly kissed her lips.  At the time, the child was walking toward the closets in the back of the class, the teacher walked toward her, pulled her towards him, and then, forced his lips against hers.  After the child went home, she’d told her mother over and over, “I need to brush my teeth today”, the mother inquired again and again, and that, was when the child told her what had happened.

The homeroom instructor explained, that he was, harder on her than the rest of the class, that was why she’d told her parents that he had done what he did to her.  But the Hsinbei District Attorney’s Office, based off of the child’s testimonies, and explained what was reported to the Gender-Equality Committee of the School, and, the board had done the investigations and confirmed the teacher’s behaviors, and charged him with sexual molestations of a child of under age fourteen.  Since then, the instructor had left the school.

Firing him is still way too easy, if you ask me, because what IF, he was somehow, able to, get another teaching gig at another school, despite this bad prior of his with the student, and start doing what he did to this young girl again to someone else?  And that, is just it, because it was only a SEXUAL molestation or an IMPROPER MISCONDUCT charge, that, is why this predator will probably, be more than likely, to STRIKE again, and who’s to blame then, huh???





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