The Ninety-Year-Old Elderly Man Took Care of His Elderly Ninety-Year-Old Wife…the Percentage of Elderly Taking Care of Demented Elderly is Close to Fifty-Percent

This is slowly become the trend here, as people are living longer, and more elderly are becoming, incapacitated, from the Newspapers, translated…

Moving his dearly beloved wife from the wheelchair to the bathrooms, is the hardest thing that the ninety-year-old Grandpa Lin needed to do daily.  Grandpa Lin, at age ninety, looked after his wife who was diagnosed with diabetes over ten years to date, but a year ago, he’d started to find that his wife talked funny, and repeated the same things again and again, and was diagnosed with dementia.  He had been diagnosed with a heart condition, and sighed, “nobody knows how hard life is”, but still insisted on caring for his own wife from day to day.

elderly man looking after demented wife 的圖片結果like this???  Photo from online…

Grandpa Lin lives in Chiayi, where the population of the elderly rose up to 18.16 percent, it’s the fastest aging place in Taiwan, with the population of demented elderly being over 10,000.

And this, is just one of many, many, many MORE cases in the world right now, because as people age, live longer, they’re all, impacted with these conditions of old age, and, a lot of the demented elderly live to be close to or over a hundred, and this, is only going to get worse, as the birth rate drops, and we live longer, and longer by the year!


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