The First Case that Warranted the Death Penalty: Murdering the Mother & Daughter for the Break Up

Here comes, the PUNISHMENT PHASE, of the crime from a short while ago, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man, Kai-Ling Huang, four years ago, carried a grudge toward his girlfriend, Wang for breaking up with him, and how she’d, pressed him to pay back the $200,000N.T. she’d loaned him, he’d broken into the Wang’s home, strangled Wang’s mother to death with a scout’s rope, then, raped Wang, then, strangled her with a rope; the Highest Court sentenced Huang to one life sentence and one death sentence yesterday, and that the death sentence should be, implemented in the case.

This was, the very first death penalty case of the year, and, Huang became the forty-third inmate, awaiting death in prison.  The last criminal who was executed was Jie Cheng, who’d opened fire on the MRT at random; as the government under President Tsai of a little over a year, no death penalty had been, implemented yet.

The Highest Courts opened trial for Huang’s case, where Huang got down on his knees, “for the rest of my life, I shall, carry my heart of regret!”, but Wang’s father refused to forgive him; after the murders, the family already, moved away, as Wang’s father heard of the verdict, he’d told the press, “I loved my wife and daughter the most!  Even the death sentence couldn’t bring them back!”, hoped that Huang can “get shot fast, and stop wasting the resources of the government.”

The case started with the first trial to the first appeal, the verdict of DEATH sentence was unanimous, and, the case was appealed to the Highest Court.  The Highest Court pointed out, that the case would fall under the “two most serious crimes”, and that giving Huang the death penalty was just, that it’d not, broken the rules.

The verdict pointed out, the 24-year-old Huang and Wang were classmates from technical high school, as they’d dated, Wang gave her ATM card to Huang to keep.  In July of 2013, they broke up, Huang attempted to salvage the love; in September of the same year, Wang found that her account was overdrawn, suspected that Huang withdrew $200,000N.T. from her accounts, but because Huang was serving his army service terms, Wang and her mother went to Huang’s mother to get the money back.

Later, Huang tried to bargain with Wang, and was only willing to pay $100,000N.T. back to her, signed a check, and, Wang pressed him to give her back the money that very evening, Huang asked his mother for the money, but his mother wouldn’t give it to him; Huang was angered at how Wang didn’t consider that they were in love once, and the thought of murder rooted down.

On the afternoon of October 1, 2013, Huang went on break from his service, and, took the spare key of Wang’s house from when they were dating, made his way in, he saw Wang’s mother asleep on the chair, believed, that she must’ve looked down on him for being from a single parent family, he’d started strangling her, Wang’s mother woke, and fought, he’d used the scout’s ropes and strangled her to death.

After he’d murdered Wang’s mother, he’d not left, an hour later, Wang came home, he’d used the scout’s rope, bound both her wrists, and, forced her to have sex with him, then, strangled her to death, took the $10,000N.T. in the house in cash.  Later on, Wang’s father came home, Huang took the opportunity, ran and hid in their roof; Wang found his wife and daughter dead, he’d reported to the police and the police came to arrest Huang who’s, hiding in the penthouse.

The Highest Court pointed out, that Wang strangled Wang’s mother to death, he’d used such cruel measures, but it wasn’t premeditated; but, he’d planned out the murder of Wang, and showed NO sense of morality after he’d murdered Wang’s mother by strangulation, that his actions had gone beyond remorse, and the court sentenced him to DEATH penalty.

And so, the punishment phase finally came, but, it’s, NO relief to the family members of the victims, because even IF this loser gets death penalty, it still wouldn’t bring back the daughter or the wife that he’d taken from the man!









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