Changing Your Life, with a Thought

On working experiences, translated…

Seven years ago, I’d, left the workforce, and by chance, I’d, gotten into the field of afterschool tutoring sessions, and I’d started, working as a afterschool helper since.  And, years flew by, and, I’d, accompanied, at least, two hundred kids total, looking back through the process, there’s that light sweetness, in all the bitterness, like drinking a glass of sour orange tea, bitterness first, with that sweetness happening afterwards.

an elderly showing a younger girl how to plant something, photo from online…

The students in the afterschool counseling sessions are varied in ages and levels, the kids all had their separate characteristics, qualities, and, I’d needed, to adjust my role with them constantly; sometimes, I’m more of a friend, at others, I’m a mother, and when necessary, I’d become, the disciplinarian too, just so they are finished with their homework assignments, and so, they can play without worries afterwards.  Other than helping the students with homework, I’m also responsible for story-telling, arts and crafts, and, physical activities as well.

The kids now, have wider schema of experiences and had brought the new challenges to me.  Those kids who are full of energy, the classrooms can’t keep their sense of curiosities locked in, and sometimes, they’d taken the time I gave them for bathroom breaks, to wander off in the gardens, and those who are even naughtier would, play that game of hide-and-go-seek with me.  At which time, I can only, outsmart them, and running and chasing after them would do no good, because, as they are pressed, they’ll, do something very unexpected, after the kids had their fun, they will all, surely, return to the classrooms.  It’s just, that I’d needed, to watch out for their safety, because dangers may be, right around the corners.

like this???  Photo from oonline…

Although I’d felt upset from time to time, and even doubted my original motive, but as the kids gave me a small hug, or the parents’ “thank you, teacher!”, everything became, more than worth it.  Working with these children, it’d, brought back my memories of learning, and, patched up the holes in my own childhood.  The children’s innocence, had helped me changed my quick temper, the kids’ small steps had, helped me slow down my own paces, their childish words had, helped me pen down the stories of my own life.

Changing the mind, the heart will change with it, sliding through the last slopes, I saw, a brand new scene.

And so, this is, on reentering the workforce after you retire, because you’d needed something to do, to pass the time, and, working with young children can be challenging, but, it can also, enrich your life, just as this woman’s experiences had shown, because children are innocent, and they have a ton of questions, that adults can’t even come up with, that are, sometimes, surprising to us all.


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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