The Electrical Wires Caught on Fire, Killed Two, the Landlord Was Sentenced to a Year and Two Months in Prison

An accidental fire that claimed lives, and this could’ve, easily been prevented, had the landlord kept up with the maintenance, but he didn’t, and now, he’s, charged!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

An apartment for rent in Miaoli caught fire two years ago, and two lives were, lost, the reason for how the fire started, after investigation, was how the old wires caught fire; the house was already close to forty years since it was built up, the cable wires were, never replaced, the Taichung High Subsidiary Court believed, that as the cables were used for many years, the insulation may have lost its properties, that this was, common sense, and the landlord, Hsu, who’d rented out his property, only cared about making the money from the rents, and not cared about the maintenance of his property, that he is responsible, for neglect, sentenced him to a year two months in prison.

This fire happened, on the evening of January 27th two years ago, and it’d spread to multiple properties, causing two deaths; the Fire Department, after investigating, found, that the cause was how the old wires had a spark, and caught fire, the homeowner, Hsu, was charged with negligence homicide.

As the Miaoli District Court was ruling, Hsu claimed, that before he rented his properties out, he’d had mechanics from Taipower Company to check if everything was, up to standard, that everything WAS normal, that there wasn’t any improvements needed; Taipower Company’s checks on his place for the past three years were all okay, it’d proved, how the house was, wired up properly, that he wasn’t, at fault.

The judge believed, that the power companies had the obligations to check the wirings once every three years, that the laws of construction stated, that the owner of the properties, should keep up with the maintenance of the structures of the buildings, that the two had different evaluative measures; even as the Taipower Company had done its obligated check ups, it didn’t mean that the owners of the properties are without the responsibilities, to keep up with the maintenances based off of the buildings’ conditions.

electrical wire fires 的圖片結果because the systems are too old, and it just caught fire easily, photo from online…

And, based off of looking into the evidence, the technicians from Taipower came to test the systems in January of 2014, which was a YEAR from when the fire happened; and the residence was located, inside the marketplace, with humidity level being high, there may have been rats, termites, that’s, caused the wires to decay, Hsu, the homeowner has the obligations, to make sure that wires were, properly coated up, and believed that Hsu was, negligent, sentenced him to a year and two months; Hsu filed for an appeal, the Taichung High Subsidiary Courts tossed it back, the verdict was, finalized.

The judge from the appeal believed, that Hsu rented his house out to earn rent money, but never managed, to upgrade the wiring systems inside the property, that he’d brushed aside the issue of public safety, causing the fire to start, causing two victims to die in the fires; the families of the deceased were distraught, and angry, and yet, to this very day, Hsu wouldn’t admit to his negligence, refused to settle with the families of the victims, that the judge maintained the rulings from the first trial.

So this still shows, just how important it is, to UPGRADE the hardware of your properties, because after years of use, even IF there are no serious conditions, things are, bound to decay, and, this property owner had, indeed, FAILED to make sure that the residences are safe, and so, he was, charged with negligence.


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