The Committee Member Was Injured by His Older Brother on Matter of Selling Their Ancestral Home at the Market Places, Scared the Members of the Community

The cause of this attempted murder, or physical assault was still???  A miscommunication between the brothers.  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

There was a murder of brothers caused by a disagreement over inheritance yesterday at the marketplace in Kaohsiung yesterday, the member of the market’s association committee, Huang’s older brother was displeased at how he’d sold off the ancestral home left to them by their parents, he’d stabbed his own brother with a knife, it’d, thrilled the bystanders.  The police arrested Huang’s older brother, and the case is now, an attempted murder.  Based off of police understanding, the land of the marketplace belonged to the city, but, the buildings on it were private, and can only be registered under one name.  The Huangs’ parents owned a property within the marketplace, it was originally, a grocery shop, after the parents died for many years, three years ago, the 62-year-old Huang who’s also on the committee that oversaw the workings of the marketplace gained the inheritance rights.  Huang’s older brother (age 78) was displeased how he’d sold the property for $1.3 million N.T.s, they’d gotten into altercation over it several times on end.

like this???  Not my photo…

The police investigated, that at around 11:20 yesterday morning, Huang’s older brother went to the marketplace to give his younger brother hell, and as he returned home, he’d ruminated and got angrier and angrier, at noontime, he’d picked up a knife, ran into the market, and, as they were in an altercation, he’d, stabbed his own brother under the left armpits.  The local vendors and the shoppers all bore witness, called the police, and, they’d rushed Huang to Kaohsiung Medical School hospital, his conditions are now, stable.

Huang’s older brother claimed, that since his younger brother had sold the property, he’d dreamed of his mother lately, asking him why he’d sold the home they’d saved so hard for off so cheaply, that, was why he’d gone, to confront his younger brother, and, as they argued, he’d lost control, and stabbed his own younger brother.

And so, this, is what happens, when the deeds, the wills weren’t written so well, and, the younger brother probably wasn’t thinking things through, or maybe, he’d found, that the property his parents left was too hard to manage, that, was why he’d, chosen, to sell it off, without notifying his own older brother, which was what caused the older brother to get angry, and to think, that this may have easily been, avoided, had the two siblings, communicated with one another about it…


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