The March to the Podium to Receive Her Graduation Awards Just Ten Meters, and the Young Girl Had Practiced Walking 480,000 Steps to Get There

Look at how hard this young girl had worked, to get where she was going, and it was, just a short ten-meter distance!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The young girl, Tsai with cerebral palsy graduated from the Maria Early Intervention Center.  It took her over three months, she’d practiced walking 480,000 steps on her own, and finally, with the support from her mother, and the physical therapist, she’d walked for a short ten-meter based off of our usual perceptions, stood tall, on the podium at her graduation.

At six years old, Tsai was a quadriplegic and was immobilized, but her mind developed normally.  She’d entered into the Maria Baby Program, rehabilitated in the physical therapy center, through an assortment of muscle building exercises, she’d learned to sit up and walk.  She’s optimistic, enjoyed interaction with people, but because she couldn’t speak clearly, she’d used the word board to have conversations with people, and was in language therapy.

Her mother, Lu said, that three months ago, she’d found her daughter practicing to walk on her own using the handlebars to steady herself, after she’d asked her, she’d learned, that her daughter wanted to walk onto the podium at graduation.  And ever since, as she picked Nini up, the two of them practiced walking together using the handlebars of the halls in the early intervention center.  One lap was about three hundred meters, and, it would take Nini half an hour to finish one trip around

The physical therapist, Lin said, that Nini’s muscles are flexible, that her legs can withstand the weights, other than making her exercise to gain muscle tone, she’d carried her to have her learn, to shift her weight in the core muscles, slowly, learning to walk.  At first, she was unsteady, sometimes, she’d walked forward, but her body leaned back, and, on average, her steps were about five, six centimeters, she’d practiced with her for almost a hundred days, and, took a total of 480,000 steps.

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Yesterday morning, Tsai went into her graduation ceremonies in her wheelchair, and, as she was to be presented with the mayor’s award, she’d communicated with the board, “Wait for me for three minutes”, then, with the help from her mother, and the physical therapist, she’d taken her steps forward, in her pink sneakers, with the prosthetics that helped her walk, step, by step, her dad, Tsai stood there on the podium, tears filled his eyes, and, there was nothing but the pride of being a father that shone from his eyes, looking toward his daughter.

So, this young girl, despite her physical conditions, still chose to challenge herself, and, with the help from her parents, and her physical therapist, she was able to, take her steps in stride, and this marked her very first achievement, not counting the awards she received in her graduation ceremonies…






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