The Third Chair of the Catholic Religion, Shocked the Catholic Church with Accusations of Sexual Abuse, Testing the Pope

Pedophiles, hidden, underneath that robe of Catholic priest here again, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Third Chair of the Catholic Church, the Australian Cardinal George Pell who was in Charge of the Finances of the Vatican, Due to His Involvement in Sexual Assault Charges Was Brought to Appear Before the Courts by Australian Police.  Pell asked Pope Francis to Relieve Him of All His Religious Duties, Which Pope Francis Had, Granted, He’s Scheduled to Reply to All the Accusation in Australia on July 18th.  Pell Was the Highest Position Catholic Official Who’d Been Accused of Sexual Related Charges to Date, and Pope Francis Trusted Him in the Finances and Everything Else too.

The Pope supported Pell fully, told the press, that he was merely, taking a leave of absence, that he’d not demanded that he quit his position in the church.  This event seriously impacted the Pope too.  The Catholic Church was found, to have a series of allegations of child molestation, rape, the Pope stated that there would be ZERO tolerance to child sexual abuse, and yet, there were, scandals from the Catholic Church relating to sexual abuses of young children continually.

樞機主教裴爾廿九日舉行記者會,宣布將請假返回澳洲,於墨爾本法院面對性侵指控。 美...making a statement, claiming his innocence, photo from…

The 76-year-old Pell was the secretary of the economic department of the Catholic Church, on the 29th, he’d held a press conference, claiming his innocence, said, that the accusations were a character murder, and that he waits for the trial, to give him back his innocence, so he can return to his post in the Catholic Church.  Pell had used the excuse of physical ailments to stay in Rome, and whether or not he will be in court is still pending.

Actually, over the years, Pell had been accused for allowing the priests of the Catholic Church to continually molest children in Australia, that he was improper in handling of the matter, that he’d, ignored the accusations that the members of the public had, made.

Pell was taken into custody in Australia, and, the Catholic Church still stood behind him completely, claimed, that during Pell’s leave of absence, his subordinates shall, continue his work.  The statements also said, that Pell had once spoken out how immoral, how intolerable child sexual molestation is publicly.

The attorneys of the two unnamed victims said, that their clients were “ecstatic” when they heard of Pell’s being charged, “accusing a man of god for such atrocities was hard enough, and, it’d, brought his accusers a lot of troubles already.”

The online discussion forum, “Catholicism” pointed out, that this case may have serious consequences for the Catholic Church.  The Editor-in-Chief of the online periodical said, “This is the highest member of the Catholic Church who’d been accused, it would have a huge ripple effect toward Australia, as well as the Catholic Church internationally.”

So, another MAN of god was accused, and, if he didn’t do it, why would anybody want to defame him, libel and slander against him?  This just showed, how the Catholic Church may need to amend its ways, and that a MAN of god is still capable of RAPE!


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