In Treating the Addictions of the Internet, the Psychology Comes First

From the director of a medical unit, from the papers, translated…

As summer approaches, a lot of the students started playing online games like crazy.  Recently, I treated a couple of people who were diagnosed with internet gaming disorder, some, for the sake of playing the online games started stealing money, some were expelled from school, and there were those who’d caused their families to turn over upside down because of their online gaming addictions, one was very special, he was a “professional gamer”, who could’ve relied on his gaming skills to make a living for himself, but lately, he’d, locked himself up inside his bedroom at home, refused to eat or drink, became depressed, which was why his family took him to see me.

like this???  Photo from online…

Looking at his symptoms, it looked like the online addictions syndrome, but, he worked as a professional online gamer for years, and based off of the clinical studies, there was, NO way he could only begin to show signs of addictions now, on the contrary, most of the competitive gamers I knew, most wouldn’t want to play the games that they were made to play for the sake of work.

And so, I took a lot of time in my interview with him, I’d found, that he’d started having auditory hallucinations in his middle school years, and had the delusions of being under other people’s surveillance, and delusions of hurting other, it’s just, that it wasn’t as serious from before, he was able to use the online gaming world, to numb himself out, to help him forget all of this annoying symptoms with the flashes and the sound stimuli from the online games, and, the family just believed him to have a simple addiction of online games, but recently, his conditions worsened, his auditory hallucinations got worse, causing him to lose focus while he played online games, causing his performance to deteriorate in the competitions, he’d started feeling depressed over it, and was diagnosed with depression, he’d lost his self-confidence, became depressed, and couldn’t eat, wouldn’t go outside.

Because I am also a gamer, it was easy, to establish rapport and trust with this particular client of mine, other than encouraging him to head outdoors and exercise more, I’d prescribed him meds for his auditory hallucinations and delusions, and prescribed him some anti-depressants as well, two weeks later, he started smiling again, started eating, and had more energies to work out too, and, after he’d made the adjustments, he’d stopped spending that much of his time, “working”, and his family felt better about the whole situation.

A reminder to the parents, addictions to online games is only the tip of the iceberg, like how the leak accumulated on the floors is caused by the dripping ceiling.  

in need, of a reminder???  Not my picture…

The correct way of getting this problem treated is establish a supportive trust system with the client, observe and listen, to find out the key cause of the clients’ addiction, and intervene, encourage the client to take a more positive approach to one’s own life, that, is the right and surest way to resolve the problems.

So, this, is how serious this modern-day illness becomes, this young man, a professional gamer started showing psychological signs, and all from him, playing the online games too much and too hard, but, after the psychiatrist found the problem, had this young man change his own lifestyle, with the help of some medication, this young man finally got his life back to normal again.

Being addicted to online games is NOTHING small, so, if you find yourself, having the strong need, to log on 24/7, go see a psychiatrist, huh???

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