The Most Favorite Pastimes for Teens…Playing on Their Cell Phones at Home

The trends of ways of life for our current generation of T-E-E-N-S here!  From the Newspapers, translated…

The King Car Foundation posted its research results yesterday, that the most favorite pastime of teens across the nation is staying at home, playing on the cell phones, only around one-percent of surveyed teens enjoyed visiting the art museums, going to see the exhibitions, it’d showed this lacking in the education of aestheticism across the nation.

At the start of June, the King Car Foundation surveyed 1,912 students from the fourth grade to the last year of middle school, what their most favorite pastime was, the top three activities were cell phone games, music, and sports, with cell phone games taking up to close to half of surveyed sample; the least was volunteering and going to the art exhibitions, both only had one-percent of the surveyed students being interested in it.

texting while on vacation, photo from online…

As for the top-three places to hang are home (82.7 percent), local parks (37.2 percent), and the malls (31.2 percent), the least visited places were the museums and the art museums.  When inquired about what sort of activities they’d planned for their summers, most kids answered family vacations, visiting relatives, going to the afterschool programs, and the tutoring sessions at the regular schools, close to thirty-percent of the students who were surveyed hadn’t planned out their summers yet.

The principal of Bi-Tou Elementary School located in Rui-Fang, the northernmost corner of the island, Chen told, that because in the school’s area, close to twenty kilometers, there were, NO afternoon school programs, or talent classes, the school scheduled an assortment of summertime activities including swimming, diving, martial arts, and the bands too, the Nanshan Middle School also set up summer camps, helping the students with the assignments for their summer vacations, with the sciences, and home ec courses too.

Chen said, that not only for the distant schools, but there’s only limited funding for the students in any school to visit the art museums, as a smaller school like hers schedule such a trip, the cost totaled past over $10,000 including the tour busses, the insurances, the meals, the entrance fees, that schools such as hers would often needed sponsors to make these fieldtrips happen.  There were fifth graders from the school who’d spoken yesterday, that they’d never even visited the Palace Museum yet.  The principal suggested that the government to push forth more discount programs for the assortments of exhibitions, to try to allow free entrance to children, especially for children in the distant areas.

children exploring outdoors during their summers, photo from online…

Chen said, that the distant schools can also help add to the aestheticisms of students by making the students aware of the environment, take for instance, the Bitou Elementary School, they’d invited artists to teach the students to paint murals, to make pottery, and music too, the public art décor are also made by the students and teacher together too.

So, because of the lack of funding, these children who don’t live in the cities, couldn’t possibly have as an enriching summer as the other kids living in the cities, but, it’s the summers, and, no student would want to work on things related to school, mostly, they all just, wanted to chill out at home, playing on their cell phones, logging online to chat with their friends, which is why, this school principal mentioned how important it is, to get the students involved in visiting the museums.


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