Summer’s Here, Let the Children Play Outdoors More

It’s summer VACATION, why are you, parents, MAKING your children do SCHOOL work, huh?  When they should be relaxing, and doing EVERYTHING that’s, unrelated to school, do give the summers, BACK to your children to experience, after all, they only have ONE childhood to live!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The summer is here again, the market for summer camps is about to start up, are the parents who work worried about what activities to schedule their young now?

The past members of summer camps, may have become parents now, but, the environment in Taiwan hadn’t changed much at all, with the cram school industries getting most of the attention, and in recent years, the needs increased for these cram schools, more so than the summer camps, causing the children in the cities to be kept like chickens, with them ill-prepared for competitions.

Plus the government’s beliefs on economic development has NO future, causing it harder, for the graduates to work out of their areas of studies, the summer camps served the purposes, of the lacking of regular school education, it’s a great opportunity for children to grow up happy, and learning new things at the same time; comparing to how the schools functioned, the leisure activities of being outdoors in groups, is a great way to make those happier memories for your children’s childhoods.  But unfortunately, our government didn’t take this opportunity, instead, they’d, turned the summertime learning into something awful, turning the children into the lab rats for the computer gaming industries instead.

Instead of doing this…

I hope, that these parents with the foresight, continued the camp activities provided by the not-for-profit organizations, giving their children the opportunities to head out into nature more, to pull the kids back out of books, into a world of reality, and, in the leisure, helping them make better memories of their childhoods.  Only by walking out of that ivory tower, the skies can open up, only through a wide variety of life experiences, will the children gain a brand new perspectives of their environments.  Do offer your children more options, leaving the kids, with the wonderful experiences of their summers!

So this, is advocating going into activities unrelated to the kids’ studies, like arts, music, sports, etc., etc., etc., because during the school year, the kids are already too cramped up with everything academic, and, I’m sure, that NO child would want to do anything related to school on their vacations away from school, and yet, it’s a trend, that the parents enrolled their young into academic programs even during the summer vacations when the kids should be enjoying their time off from their studies

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