Love as the Matron & Patron of Honor

This may be problematic, but the family had, resolved the matter, wisely, translated…

My second niece finally started planning her wedding with her long-time boyfriend, because they’d worked across the straits long-term, because of their distances, and time, some of the plans for their weddings, they’d, relied on their elders to help, and, just so happened, that the location of the banquet is in the city that my older sister and I lived in, and so, as her aunts, we’d, started, helping with her wedding plans.

The foods needed to be carefully planned out, one day at noon, parents from both families asked us to test out the dishes served for the wedding banquets, the elders are all very glad of the tasty food items, only the groom-to-be, he looked, upset for some unknown reasons.

And, we didn’t know what the matter was, we’d asked our eldest sister-in-law about it, she had that face of heartfelt, and, told us the tale: the groom’s parents divorced when he was younger, he’d lived with his mother, and, his father remarried, and still provided for his and his older sister’s education funds until they both graduated from college, and this marriage was approved by his stepmother and his father, acting as the hosts of the wedding.  He’d had minor disagreements on the invitees’ names with his father, the child believed, that his mother had, raised him up, and now that he was getting married, there must be a place for her name to be printed down too.  The father believed, that his name should NOT be listed by his own ex-wife’s, that he would have troubles, facing his own relatives and his own current wife, and in the end, the invitations were sent out by the couple getting married.

what a wedding banquet looks like in Asian cultures…phoot from online…

Following, is the seating, the son wanted his mother can sit in the seat of the matron of honor, to watch him get married, but not knowing how to ask of his own father, and worried, that if he’d lost control, he may damage the relationship between his father and himself, as well as hurt his stepmother, this supposedly happy process had, caused the groom to feel very distraught.

In the banquet, the eldest sister-in-law mentioned this to the groom’s stepmother, and, the stepmother who was more than understanding agreed to be a bridge, she’d commended her stepson’s heart, and that she’d empathized with the mother too, that women shouldn’t make it harder for other women.  On the evening, we’d visited the groom’s mother and sister, and, saw where the groom’s feeling upset came from—a woman who’s mild-tempered, kind, understanding, without any regrets, accompanied her own young as he grew older, she naturally, deserved, to sit in the matriarch’s chair.

We’d carried our unsettled heart before the wedding, feared, that if the arrangements weren’t made well, it would damage the harmony.  But gladly, on the day, the groom was in smiles, and, his mother got dressed up, arrived at the banquet, and, although the teas offered by the bride to the mother-in-law was offered to the groom’s stepmother, afterwards, the stepmother ushered the mother of the groom to get a photo taken with the newlywed couple, while she’d, backed to the side; and, during the banquet, the in-law took his confident second wife around the tables, offering toasts, and, the seats at the main table, were given to the groom’s mother and his uncle, the family showed a never-before kind of harmony and joy, and, the families gave the best sort of wishes and blessings, to the newlywedded couple.

坐大位 的圖片結果seat, saved for the aunt, from online…

We are all glad, to see how this sort of ending, we moved, how love can turn everything in the past to peace.  Our second niece was blessed enough, to have too very wise mothers-in-law, and, her future is, destined, to be filled, with bliss for sure.

So, this may be a huge trouble for another case, but because the adults here are all very thoughtful and compassionate, as well as empathetic toward one another, which was what made this wedding a huge success.


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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