He Still Carried His Passions for Work, the Social Workers Helped

How these men were able to, overcome the difficulties from his former ways of life, with the help from the organizations, pulled himself back from under!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

Many in the homeless population aren’t necessarily all lazy and unwilling to work, it’s just that they’d hit walls as they’d attempted to find work, that, was when they’d felt, defeated.  The city government of Taichung started the “Self-Help Stations for Homeless People” this year, helping those members of the homeless community who wanted to find work, supplied them with six-months’ worth of boarding, hoping, to get them out of their original ways of life.

like this???  Not my silhouette…

The forty-year-old “Gu” has a degree from college, but because of his personality being too shy, he’d stuttered, and couldn’t find an effective way to communicate with others.  He’d once worked as an operator in a car factory, drove a cab for six years, but because he had unpaid traffic tickets, his license was revoked, he could no longer pay his mortgage, three years ago, he’d started living on the streets.

The social workers found that Gu was still enthusiastic about working, they’d set him up to volunteer at a nonprofit organization first.  He was more than helpful, swept up the grounds at the local square in Taichung; after several months he’d saved up some money, and signed on for the training of making cars, he’d returned to his familiar work area now, and, currently, he’s, preparing to take the licensure exams.

The Department of Social Services stated, that “Gu” is an inspirational case of how the homeless pulled himself out.  Another homeless man, “Weng” left his home years ago and started living on the streets, two years ago, due to a stroke, he could only work to recycle the materials, the Social Services Department had matched him up with a janitorial job, so he could make money to live off of.

“Nobody owes us,” the fifty-year-old, Dong is also a homeless man, he’d slept at the parks, and the temples, through the help of the Zenan Homeless Social Welfare Foundation, he was able to find a job; he’d encouraged other members of the homeless community, to not continually rely on the assistance of others, to find ones’ own ways.

Dong once had only $20N.T.s left on him, and, as the lunch shop owner was packing up the foods for him, he’d lowered his voice, told the man, “I don’t have any money!”, the owner of the shop said, “it’s on me.”, it’d made Dong dumbfounded, and moved to tears.

an act of kindness like this, photo from online…

So, all of these homeless people aren’t LAZY, as we may believe, they were just having difficult times in their lives, or having their lives impacted by some form of a tragedy, and all they needed, was a little extra help from the world, and in these cases, the foundation had, given them hope, materialistic assistance, to help them get back up on their feet again!


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