Families Became High Pressure Cookers…the Psychokillers Came Out of Well-Rounded Families

We are still all MADE, by our separate families!  From the Newspapers, translated…

After the random slaughter at the MRT committed by Jie Cheng, the parents shook their heads in disbelief, how come what they believed to be “well-behaved” child committed such a crime against humanity?  How come those “good and healthy” families can create psychokillers?  Perhaps, this, is the question that all parents want an answer to.

The book market in Taiwan are always teaching the parents how to raise studious children, good children; but there are NO book that taught the parents, how NOT to raise up a psychokiller.

family therapy charts 的圖片結果what a family looked like, from therapy…diagram from online…

In Japan, where a lot of random killings by teenagers occurred, the researchers did studies on the suspects’ family backgrounds.  Two book translated from Japanese are being introduced this month, “The Upbringing of a Psychokiller”, and “Anybody is Able to, Just Want to Kill: the Psychology of Adolescents Who were Pushed into Murder”, it’d filled up this lack of knowledge in this area in the parenting volumes in Taiwan.

Didn’t you say, that we need to strictly demand our kids, “NEVER to lie”?  To teach our young to be “complying people”?  Do be careful, as that, is how criminals were, raised.

“The Upbringing of a Psychokiller”, by Omamori Shigeru, is an expert in inmates in Japan, with a lot of experiences, counseling adolescent criminals.  In his observations, he’d realized, that NOBODY is a devil by nature, instead, most of the convicted teens were all “good children” in their parents’ beliefs.  In order to keep their parents pleased, they’d, suppressed their emotions, and in the very end, can only act out, by committing the crimes they’d committed as an outlet.

All of these young convicts all came out of well-to-do families with loving parents.  Some of their parents don’t get along well, and in order to please their parents, they’d faked their optimism and good behaviors; some had been compared a lot to their own siblings, and can only work really hard, to strive for excellence; some were under the parents’ education of “being independent”, “do NOT rely on anyone else”.

Shigeru analyzed, that these “good children” carried too much of their parents’ expectations, and for them, “home” became, synonymous to loneliness and stress.

And, after a long time, they’d become fatigued inside AND out, and given up on being “good children”, and relieved their own stresses by committing the crimes.

the end result, of a kid not being broughtup right, and even IF a kid was brought up right, this can still happen…not my picture…

“Anybody Can Do it, I Just Want to Commit Murder”, the Psy. D., Dr. Usui studied the histories of the perpetrators, the results complied with the findings of Okamoto’s belief—parents who are overly protective, who are too involved in disciplining their children, demanded their offspring to obey, forcing their own values onto their own young, all of these can cause the offspring to feel despair, unsettled, lonely, which would push them toward that path of violence.

His advice on “how not to raise psychokillers” is completely opposite of the Asian values of tiger parents.

He believed, that the parents shouldn’t bust the lies of their young, that they’d needed to teach their young to ask for help, to show emotions, to let the kids know, that they can always and forever count on their parents, that the parents are someone the kids can talk to.

And on top of that, don’t use “value” methods to praise a child, for instance, “You’d become a man”, or “you’re so strong”.

Okamoto pointed out, that this sort of a “praise” is like telling the child, that not being a man, or being weak is an undesired trait, and, the parents had, unknowingly, passed their own value systems to their young, which became the burden their children will carry for the rest of their lives.

So, this still just showed, how important, you, STUPID (‘cuz that, is what ALL of you are!!!) parents are the ones who need to CHANGE the way you’re raising your own young, but hey, you were, raised the way you are raised, and, that sort of a deeply rooted belief system doesn’t get pulled up overnight, and, usually, when the parents start realizing that oopsy, I think we may have taught baby John or baby Jane wrong, well, it’s, already too LATE, as those babies Johns and Janes of yours are becoming adults, and, yeah, they will, have MORE babies on t heir own, and end up, RUINING their children’s lives too, because you had, ruined them, parents!  This is still a vicious cycle, that just keeps on rolling, endlessly, until some of you god DAMN (and your point being???) parents out there realized what you’re doing, WAS exactly what had been, done to Y-O-U!  But, are you, aware enough?  Of course N-O-T, which is WHY these sorts of BULLSHITS are still currently happening!









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