The Man Who Set a Fire to His Own Home, Killed His Own Parents and Other Members of the Family, His Older Siblings Asked the Judge to Give Him the Death Penalty

This man’s arson resulted in SIX deaths and FIVE seriously injured, and, you still don’t think that DEATH PENALTY would be right???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man, Jen-Hsien Weng’s arson caused the death of both his parents, four other deaths and five seriously injured, his first trial, the judge gave him the death sentence; the High Subsidiary Courts called on his eldest, his second-eldest sisters, and his fourth older brother who suffered burns to testify.  With multiple burns over his head and body, Jen-Ping Weng disclosed, that as the fire started, both his parents were inside the house, he’d wanted to run in, to save them, but, the house exploded, he’d tripped and fallen and sustained injury; hearing Jen-Ping Weng’s descriptions, the older sister close by couldn’t stop wiping her tears away.

The fifty-one year-old Jen-Hsien Weng, last year on New Year’s Eve, splashed his family members with gasoline, then set them ablaze, causing six deaths five seriously injured, including his parents; after he was in custody, he’d stated, that what drove him to set the fires was because of how his parents played favorites.

The eldest sister, Li-Ju Weng told, that she’d had it hard since she was growing up too, and carrying the water, the fertilizers to the fields, is a normal routine growing up in a farming family, she is already in her sixties, and the attorney kept asking what happened to them forty years back, she couldn’t understand why the attorney was doing this.  The second eldest sister, Li-Fang Weng replied to the attorney, “What is conflict?  Living in a huge house, we’d needed to yell very loudly for everybody to hear, does that constitute as conflict?  And that gives him the right to murder, to commit arson?”

Jen-Hsien Weng’s attorney stated, that Weng had been diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality, which made him embellished his achievements, believed, that he’d given to his family for a long time, and received nothing in return, the respects he felt he’d, earned from them; the eldest brother, Jen-Kun Weng shouted, “the ruling of the death penalty must be maintained!”

Jen-Kun Weng said, that his parents loved his youngest brother their whole lives, but, were burned to death on New Year’s Eve, that they never guessed that it was Jen-Hsien Weng who’d waited until everybody was gathered and set the fires.

Weng was pressed by the media, “Do you not owe your family an apology?”, he’d replied coldly, “You’re overinterpreting into this matter!”

So, this man clearly has some mental issues all right, I mean, even IF your parents were unfair, which I’m sure that they’re not, but this man being the youngest son, felt that his parents were unfair to him, while all of his other siblings all vouched that they loved him a lot, and this just showed, how this man had, murdered members of his own family so heartlessly, and cold-bloodedly, and, surely, the DEATH penalty is warranted here!


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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