He Had Forgotten Us, But We Will, NEVER Forget Him

On dementia, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The problem of reduced birthrate is exacerbating by the day, and, there’s, still NO solution in sight; by 2050, the elderly population will rise to over twenty-five percent of the entire population.  Dementia of the elderly years is being mentioned now, more than before; the elderly who’d been diagnosed couldn’t communicate with the outside world, added on to the burdens of caretaking for their families, as well as the society, what, would be the point of them, keeping alive?  There’s a saying: that we should implement the policy of “euthanasia”, to reduce the pains.  Birth, aging, illness, death, are something that everyone will encounter, some say, “being able to pass away with ease” is due to doing good deeds in a past life as well as in this lifetime.  We’re not in control of when life will end, nor can we have a say, in how we age.

and here, are some famous people with dementia, Reagan, photo from online…

The avid communicator, former president of the U.S., Ronald Reagan, in his final presidential term was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, he’d once stated, “I can recall the events that happened over decades clear as day, but, I’d needed to guess at, what happened just yesterday.”  After he retired from being the president, he and his wife lived in a ranch in California, close to eighty-years of age, Reagan was full of energy, would ride his horses across the ranch, very agile.  But, as his dementia progressed, he’d lost the recognition of the people around him.  In a couple more years, he could only recognize his own wife, Nancy, as Nancy talked of the past, helping him recall.  Toward the terminal stage, he’d stopped recognizing his own wife too.  Mrs. Reagan said, “Ronald is living in a different world.”  Reagan is still very healthy physically, would fish out the leaves in the pools of his own, with his bodyguard on the other side of the pools, slowly, dropping in the leaves, they’d done that for hours at a time.  Reagan died when he was ninety-three years old.

The very first female Supreme Court justice, Sandra Day O’Connor, has a reputable name in the American justice system, she’d made enormous contributions, is a good judge who’d made a ton of changes.  In 1981, President Reagan named her to the Supreme Court, and, ALL member of the House of Representatives voted for her.  Being the Supreme Court Justice is for life, and yet, O’Connor in 2005 sent in her resignation, insisted on heading back home to look after her ill husband.  John O’Connor’s Alzheimer’s was progressing by the day, she wanted to accompany by her husband’s side during this final passage of his life.

another one, Charlton Heston

As John’s condition took a turn for the worst, he’d needed around the clock care, after he was placed in assisted living, Sandra visited him there daily.  John slowly forgot Sandra, and fell in love with a female patient in the home, he’d told Sandra, that he was going to marry the other woman.  Sandra didn’t react to it very much, said, “I don’t mind at all, what makes John happy is the most important thing right now”.  She’d performed the ceremonies for her husband’s marrying again, Mr. O’Connor died back in 2009.

There was an elderly couple living in Arizona, the elderly man was physically health, but his dementia was severe, after he went out, he couldn’t find his way home.  On Mother’s Day, he’d gone out alone, and didn’t return many hours later, his wife called eh police.  The patrol car found an elderly wandering two miles away from his home, lost.  The officers gave him a lift home, the elderly man mumbled that he hadn’t gotten the flowers yet.  So the officers took him to the florist’s shop, the elderly bought a huge bouquet of flowers, and, as he was taken home, he’d smiled and handed the flowers to his wife.  The elderly woman started crying, told the officers, “For multiple decades, he’d never forgotten to bring me flowers on Mother’s Day.  His memories are almost all gone now, but I see his heart!”

Memory loss, becoming unresponsive, but, that heart of gentleness is still intact!  How awful it would be, to put down a heart like that!  Because of illness, he’d’ become helpless, forgot all of us, who are sliding on our cell phones very busily every single day; this man is so annoying, just forget him!

and the late Robin Williams, photo from online…

No, certainly not!  Don’t forget his smiles, or how kind he’d been…………

So, despite the progressions of their dementia, they still have the slightest memories of love that remained, for their wives, their families, and, because dementia affected the mind, the belief (or rather, the debate!) of euthanasia was placed on the discussion tables, but, based off of the cases the writer gave to us, we can’t just, give someone the SHOT, because he’d slowly, deteriorated away, and surely, there would be, difficulties for the primary caretakers (mostly the spouses!) from day to day, but, what’s important to these caretakers is seeing their loved ones well taken care of.


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