Uncle Dong

A teacher that knew how to teach, but doesn’t look that way at all, and the moral of this story is: you still should NOT judge a book by its covers, translated…

Uncle Dong was a man with a green cap, hidden off in a corner of the school campus, sneaking in a cigarette, chewing betel nuts, a man with a mouth full of crooked yellowed teeth.

He was only thirty years old, but appeared as if he’s over fifty, looked withering, with a head of white hair, the students nicknamed him “Uncle Dong” privately.  Recalling on my son’s parent-teacher conference night, as the parents saw him, their jaws almost dropped, thought, that he was an unfitting instructor, and asked the school principal to transfer me out of my class.

this woman would be considered, ill dressed as a school teacher, right, but how would you know if her teaching skills are fitting without taking her class???  Photo from online…

Uncle Dong surely never cared about his appearances, but, he was, a great teacher who’d, affected me for my life.  As I was in the first and second grade, my grades are of the lower half, I could never remember the times table, and my parents would grill me until I’d cried, until I got into the third grade, met Uncle Dong, that, was when I’d started making higher grades.

Uncle Dong always kept a straight face, with that anguished look in his eyes, seemingly, he was, an authoritarian, but, he was, actually, quite gentle with his students.  He would learn about the progresses of his students from checking our homework assignments, and for those students who lagged behind, he’d take time away from his own schedules and give them one-on-one tutoring sessions until they’d understood the material, and that, is why our entire class made high grades as a whole.


What’s more amazing, was that Uncle Dong was especially good at teaching us math, he could always make it so easy that we’d understood right on!  As I just started in his class, because of how bad I was in math, I’d become, a long-time customer of his afterschool tutoring program, and, as I did the four-digit addition and subtractions, he’d noticed how I couldn’t catch up, so, he’d, taken out the bills and change that he had, and role-played with me buying the school items from me, and had me made change for him, through this interaction, he’d taught me the abstract concepts of addition and subtraction.

On top of that, the times charts I couldn’t manage to recite off of my memory, he’d helped me remember using the charts, and real-life examples, and I’d started understand the meanings of “multiplication”, and, shortly thereafter, I was, able to, memorize the times table.  As I grew older, I’d learned, that he was using the structural methods to teach me math.

Uncle Dong’s reading methods also impacted me.  I went to a countryside school, and because the students weren’t from rich families, they couldn’t afford outside reading materials, and so, Uncle Dong took money out of his own pockets, set up a bookshelf in the class, and, would buy one to two new books per month, and at the end of the school year, he’d allowed the students, to pick one that they’d liked to take it home.  And every week, there would be, story time from Uncle Dong, introducing us, to a list of books, his way, of letting the students know, how wonderful the world of books can be, and, I’d, fallen in love with reading since.  The two years I was in his classes, I’d read close to a hundred books, which had, inspired me to write now.

It’d been, years since I’d, graduated, every time I’d recalled my elementary years, I’d recalled Uncle Dong, and I was, filled with gratitude.  Because Uncle Dong had helped me set the foundations of learning well, I’d become, very good in my studies, and had more self-confidence as I got older.  And, maybe, Uncle Dong wasn’t the image of a teacher, but, the heart he had, putting into teaching his students, was, undebatable, and I won’t ever, forget it!

So, this still just showed, how you should NOT judge a book by its cover!  This man really KNEW how to teach, but by the way he looked, we would probably draw the conclusions of he’s a good for nothing, and, I’m not saying, that there shouldn’t be a basic set of rule of appearances that a school teacher should follow, but, at the end of the day, it’s HOW much your students learned from you, NOT if you looked well-rounded enough that’s more important!


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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