The Meaning of the Exams

The purpose of learning is still NOT in if you can score that perfect-hundred on that exam, but how much material you actually, learned, hello, hello, hello???  Translated…

On day, Mimi Chou told me happily, “My Health teacher said you were amazing.”

What’s that?  I’d asked.  Turns out the health teacher led the students in a discussion, “what would mom and dad do if you’d made a bad grade on your exams?”, some kids would get yelled at, get physically disciplined; some parents would tell them, “That’s okay, just do better next time”; Mimi Chou told the teacher, “Mom told me, that the question we got wrong is the most important, because that way, she would know, what she still needed work on, and, putting the perfect score of 100 up.”  the teacher told her, “Then, you have, a great mom!”

Mimi Chou who looked up to her teacher believed, that it’s a good thing that mommy was given a kudos by the teacher, but, I’d, felt, a mixture of feelings instead.  I meant something else by that: making a higher grade doesn’t mean that you are better than other kids, and, that there are, related skills you can keep working on.

For instance, you need to learn, to finish your exams, in the given time, on her last exam, Mimi Chou told me, that her best friend in her Chinese test forgot how to write a certain character, and as the bell rang, she still couldn’t recall, and she started crying.  Or maybe you knew, that the right answers on an exam doesn’t fit to the way reality works, for instance, for the true or false question of “if it’s the weekends, I’d sleep until noon”, even if this was true, you’d still needed to, fill in “False”.

what, do you think they’re, learning from this?  How to beocme robot test-takers!!!  Not my phootgraph…

This test-taking skill, I was, trained especially for.  Since my sixth grade year through my three years of middle school, I’d entered into the phonetic spelling portion of the language test, and, in the four years I’d competed, I’d gotten on the national high scorers three times.  At first, maybe, it has to do with how I was a child who loved reading, but, in the end, it all worlded down to how I “became a robot who can finish the exams in just nine minutes.”

At first, you’d needed to take that dictionary, and rote memorize the characters, like the harder to read characters, as for what they all mean, it wasn’t, important, because so long as you can spell these words phonetically, that, was what counted.  The rules of the competition was write out two hundred phonetically spelled out characters in ten minutes, and if there was a tie, then, how  fast you did this was taken into considerations.

Those who can make it to the nationals, can read just about any characters, and, the key to winning was being able to write very quickly, then, using your fastest speed, rush up to turn in the test papers, and, winning or losing usually comes down to a 0.1 second difference, even the seating played a vital role.  But most importantly, it’s still “finishing writing in nine minutes”.  The year I’d not won was when the competitions changed from phonetic spelling to characters, because NO matter how hard I’d practiced, I could never get to finish writing in just nine minutes.

another test-taking machine in the making here, photo from online…

Naturally, this was, a competition, the goal was in winning, but, I didn’t know, that the measures we took, to trying to win had, gotten us so far away, from the purpose of this competition; or, how would it help my life, learning all of these, never-used-before, and probably will never be used again difficult characters.  At most, it would end up as a form of entertainment of my parents’ guests, “There is NO word that Ya-Chun couldn’t read!”

The skills of testing, is accumulated through endless practices, rehearsals, mechanically.  And, because of how well I knew the mechanical processes, I couldn’t, make the same demands of my child: this sort of practicing the skills repeatedly becomes boring, and with that mind of “I must win” in the competitions, or exams, it’d become, something that the adults used, to affect the children, in the end, it would be hard, for the students to not gloat or be too proud of it.  It wasn’t until I was older, that I’d, started examining how I’d, discriminated against my peers who’d not made higher grades, along with how oppressing the categorization of the students are under the grading systems.

So, basically, competitions are still for the ADULTS sakes, because of your god DAMN vanities, the need to feel that oh, my kid is better your kid, or I make a HELL of a lot more than you, blah, blah, blah, you FUCKING (and your point being???) adults are still, SLAUGHTERING the love of learning for your young!  And, until you FUCKING retarded ADULTS get this figured out, your kids will always BE suffering at your hands, just like your parents had, made you suffer at THEIR hands too, wow, what, does THIS look like again???  Oh, my B-A-D, it’s still, a VICIOUS cycle!!!


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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