He’d Murdered the Female Model & Still Refused to Tell the Truth, the D.A. Asked the Judge for the Death Penalty

Still acting BADLY, even AFTER he’d been, caught, for MURDER!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

In the rape and murder of the model, Chen by Yu Cheng, the suspect, still kept lying after he’d murdered the woman, he kept telling the authorities that his own girlfriend, Liang was involved.  The D.A. indicted Cheng based off of rape and murder, and other charges, and, because of how he’d lied about his own involvement, they’d asked the judge for the death penalty to be passed; the D.A. found NO evidence that Liang, his girlfriend was there at the scene of the crime, she wasn’t charged with anything.

Chen’s parents stated that their daughter met Chen through Liang, that Liang had a vital role in her death.  They’d stated, that their daughter’s life came to a halt, “killing him a hundred times wouldn’t be enough”, they’d suspected that Liang lied to their daughter that Cheng was a head of a company, that, was why she’d, gotten herself murdered, they’d begged the judge to prevent him to murder again, “So our daughter’s death becomes meaningful.”

In February, Cheng met the model, Chen through Liang, he’d contacted her multiple times for shoots; on the 28th, he’d contacted Chen using Liang’s FB page, and agreed on a photo op the next day with Chen.

Cheng went to case out a certain building in Nangang District twice, before he’d taken Chen into the basement, after he’d strangled her, she’d passed out, then, he’d, raped her, but worried that she may tell someone, he’d taken the strings off of his backpack, and strangled her with it, then, dragged her body to between the levels in the basement, covered her body with a coat.

In order to make it look like Chen was still alive, he’d logged into her Facebook account using her phone, texted her boyfriend, “I forgot my cell phone password”, “something is not right with the thumb scans”.  He’d returned to where he left her, took her backpack, then, disposed of it in the trash can in the restrooms of the MRT station.  Then, he’d returned to Liang’s residence, and in the evening, swiped Chen’s credit card, bought the HSR tickets to Taichung, where he checked into a hotel.

During which time Chen’s families asked Liang where Chen was, Cheng ditched Chen’s cell phone and I.D. immediately, the very next day, a hotel staff member found out, contacted Chen’s family, that, was the case got busted.

After Cheng was taken into custody, he was inconsistent with his statements, lied about how Chen was given a ride by his friend, and was kept locked in a residence in Hsinbei City, in the end, he’d, finally admitted to raping and murdering her.  But, through his interrogations, he’d consistently told the police of Liang’s involvement, “Liang was my accomplice, she was with me all this time”.  His identifying the woman captured on the surveillance footage as Liang, to misdirect the police.

The D.A. worked for two days without sleep, busted Cheng’s lies, and, after Cheng learned that he could, fool no one, he’d, feigned illness, told the D.A., “I’d fallen ill, can I have my national health insurance card back?”

Cheng had served in jail before, wasn’t released until last July, and, in November, he’d, raped another woman at the same location, using the lies of how he was, taking her out for a photo shoot, and, in February, he’d, murdered the female model at the location; the police who’d worked the case criticized that he was, “completely without an ounce of humanity in him”.

So, this, is another tragic case of how a young model was, murdered, and, there are, so many traps in this world that a lot of younger women are, drawn into, and, this man used such harsh measures, to murder this woman, and afterwards, he’d not only shown NO remorse, he’d, attempted, to weasel his way out of getting punished, but, he wasn’t able to!


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