The Other Woman Left His Baby Outside the Home of His Wife, Was Charged with Abandonment

BAD, BAD, B-A-D mommy!!!  Because as you lived on, you’d realized how difficult life was getting for you, and decided, that oh, maybe, his wife wouldn’t mind, caring for HIS ILLEGIT, are you FUCKING kidding me here, huh???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman Su had a son with a married man and couldn’t manage, to care for her infant son, she’d dumped her six-months-old infant son at the doorstep of the man’s wife’s home, then left; the first trail found, that the woman was acting out, not of malice, found her not guilty, for she didn’t have any intentions of deserting her own young son; but the High Subsidiary Courts in Taichung believed, that the woman’s behavior had, clearly, put the infant’s life in danger, she was sentenced to eight months in jail for abandonment of her own infant son, the case can still be appealed by both the D.A. or the defendant.

child abandoned on someone's front steps 的圖片結果like this, but, not so amicably, I’m sure!  Photo from online…

The judge believed, that the man’s wife never agreed to take care of Su’s infant, and she’d, still dumped him downstairs from her home, leaving her own young son to live or die on his own.

The verdict pointed out, that Su had an affair with a married man, two years ago in June, she’d given birth to her son, she’d moved in to the man’s mother’s home with him, and, the mother couldn’t, kick them both out; the man’s wife owns a shop and lived off on what she makes in Changwha.

The man was arrested for drugs and sent to rehab, Su who also abused drugs fell ill, two years ago on December 6th, she’d texted the man’s wife, begged her to look after her six-months old son; the wife of the man told her she wasn’t in Changwha, that she’ll see her after she gets home.

That very evening, Su found a friend to drive her and her own infant son, to the home of the wife of the man whom she had the child with, texted her, although she’d knocked and called, and received NO answers, Su still left her infant son and stroller there, and left on her own.  As the man’s wife arrived home and saw the infant, she was, thrilled, she’d attempted to reach out to Su, but couldn’t get in contact with her, she saw how the infant boy was bitten by mosquitoes all over his face, she got angered, then notified the police.

children tossed away so carelessly, like TRASH!  Photo from online still…

Su claimed, that she was, hiding close by, seeing that the man’s wife had arrived home, then, that, was when she’d, left.  But the wife told, that back then, she’d recommended that Su get an abortion, but she wouldn’t, stated that she would, care for her child on her own; and, after the child was born, she’d suggested to Su, that she should, give her son to her husband and her to raise up as their own, but Su would need to, give up her rights to her own young son, along with cut all the ties she had with her husband, Su refused, to accept these terms.  Based off of understanding, Su is now, placed in rehab for her drug addictions from a drug-related offense.

Yeah uh, you are, a totally, IRRESPONSBILE mom all right!  Because you couldn’t afford to take care of your own young infant, so, you’d, dropped him off at his father’s place, whom he’d shared, with his WIFE, and you expect his wife to what???  RAISE your son as her own?  Are you, FUCKING retarded, or are you, FUCKING retarded?  And, who would be willing to, take care of a baby that’s from her husband’s affair, huh???


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