His Girlfriend Wanted to Break Up with Him, He’d Barged into Her Place, Tortured Her, and Stabbed Her Neck

This is, more than horrific if you ask me, off the Front Page Sections, translated…

The 21-Year-Old Man, Peng was displeased at how his girlfriend, Huang wanted to break up, in the early morning of the seventeenth, he took along two fruit knives, scout’s rope, barged into her residence, kept her lock up for fourteen hours on end; after he’d discovered she’d called for help from her new boyfriend, he went berserk, stabbed once into her neck, then ran away, as Peng was arrested, he’d stated he was, temporarily insane at the moment of the stabbing, the police charged him with robbery, attempted murder, the judge from the district court in Kaohsiung mandated him be taken into custody.

Peng, who dropped out of school, is unemployed lived in Taipei, met Huang who was attending college night courses through an online game, they’d dated for three years.  Last month Huang mentioned break up, he was, displeased, last Friday night, he rode the high-speed rail southbound, on the early morning of the seventeenth, he’d climbed up to Huang’s third-floor bedroom, woke her up, told her to keep quiet, and cut her skin several times, on her left palm, her right thigh, with over ten cuts on her.

Huang’s parents who lived in the same apartment didn’t notice that their daughter was in danger, they still went out to work in the morning, Peng used the scout’s rope around Huang’s neck, demanded, “Why did you betray me?”, “Do you want to hang yourself, or, would you rather me kill you?”, to which Huang replied, “I’d rather get strangled to death than to be stabbed to death.”

At five in the afternoon, Huang took the advantage of Peng not watching her texted her new boyfriend, “Please come help me, he’s here”, after Peng caught her, he’d text4ed, “I’m only joking, I just fell asleep too long, I’m not thinking straight”, Huang’s boyfriend felt that something wasn’t quite right instinctively, called her back, told that he’d already, notified the police, Peng lost it, he’d, tightened the rope around her neck, stabbed her in the neck, took her cell phone, and her ATM card, and fled the scene.

Huang passed out for half an hour, then woke, called the police, to save herself, after she was taken to the hospital, there was, a three-centimeter gnash on her neck, she was okay, and discharged from the hospital yesterday.

The police found, that Peng withdrew $17,000N.T. out of Huang’s accounts at a 24-hour convenience shop, and checked into a hotel at Ling-Ya District, as they barged into the hotel, they’d found Peng, sorting through Huang’s cell phone, that there were, charcoal present in the room.

Peng confessed, that he’d wanted to, get the lost love back, and after he’d injured Huang, his mind went blank, he’d, lost his mind.  The police suspected, that Peng had planned to murder Huang, and wanted to set it up like she’d committed suicide to get off easy.

Another case of ATTEMPTED murder, because this LOSER refused to let go, and that, is just that!  There, must’ve been signs, before the breakup, during when they were, dating, that points to how this man was, dangerous in nature, and yet, when you’re in love, you see everything that’s good, and, everything that’s bad, gets, masked up as being good, and that, was how this shit got as far as it had!


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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