The Pupet Show at My House

Introducing to your young, to beautiful things, getting them acquainted with the performance arts, translated…

A short while ago, we were lucky enough, to be involved with the “Artists Came Knocking” special performances, we’d decided to invite our children’s friends to come see it too; the few days before the shows, the kids started making up their guest list, and counted up which of their classmates will be here, we were all, very looking forward to, getting into personal contact with the performers, wondered, what sorts of, surprises, it might, bring to us all?

短短一小時的演出讓我們很享受,原來貼近生活的藝術是這麼有趣,完全不同於一般戶外或...from the papers..

We’d, originally thought, that most parents would still make sure their kids attended their regular afterschool program sessions, but, as I’d posted the notice on my group, within an hour’s time, the slots were, all filled up.

On the day of the shows, as I was, receiving the children on the first floor, I’d heard their inquiries, “how many performers will be in the show?” “Will they be in makeup?” “What sort of props will they be using?”, there were, twinkles of excitement in their eyes. And, as the performer, opened up the prop case slowly, told the kids of the concepts of the stories, their eyes were, locked in.

look at how engaged the children are…not my photograph…

All of a sudden, the sound of the harmonica alerted, and, the older boys and girls, from the Acrobat Drama Group, with a HUGE suitcase, led the kids, into the scenes of their storyline, “Suitcase”. And, this suitcase, had unknown props in it, other than the puppets, there were also, small cardboard boxes, so everybody went up, to open one, like those boxes, with never-ending number of surprises, each box contained, something different, everybody used their minds, and hands, and, helped the puppets, open up all the boxes.

At which time, my living room turned into a small stage, with the sound of the music and voices singing on, with the ups and downs, of the storyline, all the kids there felt, the “magical abilities” from the “Magical Drama Group”.

After the show was over the kids all shared their feelings of what they saw, “It’s a story about a dream! With the good dreams, the nightmares too………”, “It’s a wish that someone has, and, he’d, made it come true!” “Should we, make the living room darker, to make it a better atmosphere?” “That puppet had come to life in the puppeteer’s hands” “I like how that treasure chest flying to and fro made me feel!” The kids had not only been entertained from this activity, they also had their imaginations, activated as well.

I’m truly glad, that there was, such a show like this one, it’d given my own children a chance, to be little hosts, added more color from the arts into our lives. This sort of an influence may not be immediate, but, at least, it’d, already, planted that seed, that is, waiting, for the right time, to grow up and out, and bloom.

Giving your kids, the experience of the aesthetics, is what this is about, and, if you get your young children to get involved with play and the arts, and, surely enough, they will carry that sense of appreciation of the things you allowed them to experience in their younger years into their older years too.


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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