Losing a Pet that’s Like a Member of the Family, the Mother and Daughter Pair Couldn’t Manage to Carry Themselves from Day to Day

This, is very difficult, especially after all that bad previous past you’d just, weathered through, a Q&A, translated…

Q: After Getting Out of an Abusive Marriage, She Finally Got Better, with the Company of Her Beloved Dog

Ms. A who’s been divorced once, in her three short years of marriage, she’d bumped into more than a normal person’s share of bad stuff.  Her ex was addicted to gambling, after she married him, she’d found, that he had a previous unregistered marriage, not only did he have an ex-wife and kids, he’d also had, another woman on the side; she’d lost ALL of her money in the marriage, and what made her divorce go through was her ex using a knife to injure her, back then, she was, even beaten to suffering a mild concussion too, and this marriage left behind, the side effects of never trusting in men again.

not my photograph…loss of a beloved pet 的圖片結果

It’d taken A a total of two whole years to finally heal herself.  Thankfully, her father left a two-story house, and, although it was, a bit farther off, but, at least she and her mother could, save money on renting a place for them to live in.  The mother had worked as a seamstress long-term, saved up some money, but as she grew older, the workload should be reduced, which was why A returned back to the workforce.  She worried her mother feeling lonely all alone at home, she’d adopted a Labrador retriever to accompany her mother.

Dogs ARE man’s best friend, with him around, A’s life became more colorful too.  He was like a family, when she’d shopped around for groceries, she’d considered what he’d like to eat too.  And, twelve years flew by.  One day, A was rushing out to work, and, the dog wasn’t as upbeat as he usually was, just let out a yelp lying down, A said he was lazy, then, went to work.  As she’d worked late that night, she’d received a call from her mother, “Dong-Dong is about to die!”, A rushed home, and, before she got to the vet’s, Dong-Dong had, passed.

Her mother blamed herself, that as she rushed out to give a client back the altered clothes, she’d not paid much heed, and, he was dead as she came back home.

Dong-Dong dying wasn’t as simple as losing a pet, the two of them couldn’t eat, and couldn’t sleep.  It’d impacted her mother especially, as she was cooking the meatball soups, she’d dropped a few, and cried, that Dong-Dong has, come back, that he’d loved the meatballs especially………

How, will they move on?

A My Advice:

Love means, needing to withstand the losses, it impacts those who loved the most as they’d lost, but, who doesn’t want to find that love?  Whether it be human or dog, with that emotional connection, there would be joy, in every step of life, we will meet someone we loved from a previous life, and, you hurt, because you’d loved and lost, but, love and loss will make life more fulfilling.  Go and adopt another dog.

these are, the memories that stay even after they’re gone…photo from online…

So, losing a pet, this, can, impact someone greatly, especially if the pet was ALL that you had, counting on, giving you unconditional love, unconditional positive regard (C. Rogers???), and, I remember how it was, losing both my boys, it was, very hard, and, heaven only knows how long I’d cried, but now, I’d, healed back up, and the reason why this woman was very much deeply impacted by the death of her pet was because it’d become, her only emotional support…


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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