How Can You Carry the Reputation of Being a School Teacher if You Show Up in Flip-Flops at Your Students’ Graduation Ceremonies?

There is, a PROPER way of dress when you go to your classes in the college or university setting, you can’t just dress so casually, show up in your PJs you know???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

improperly dressed for college 的圖片結果and this, would be considered IMPROPER for your college courses, photo from online…

The professor from National Taiwan Teachers’ University posted the students’ casual ways of dress at the graduation of the science departments, and it’d shown how education here is going currently.  As an alumnus, having kept the grounds in my positions in education for over a decade, I’d wanted to share a short story on how a mathematics professor coped with the ways that students dressed.

I’d recalled that once in class, there was a girl who wore her exercise clothes, and sandals to class, and because the lower parts of her pants weren’t zipped up, the pant legs became opened up.  As the class was over, the professor called this student to him, and, said that the way she dressed was too unkempt, that she didn’t carry herself as a teacher-to-be, that if she wears sandals, and not used the straps behind her feet, what would be the difference compared to wearing slippers?

considered improper behaviors in a college classroom setting, photo from online…

The professor told her, that the place for education is sacred, that knowing how to respect the lecturers, in the future, as we teach in the schools, we can model after our previous professors, and be a good example for our students, this, is maintaining the attitude of self-respect, AND respecting others as well.

Well, for some of you, you may think, that this, is outdated, the belief of this professor, but, he is right, in that you MUST dress properly (not always in a tie or dress or whatever in class, of course!!!), but, at least, you need to dress with some level of professionalism, after all, the next “step” after you graduated out of college is work, or graduate school, and, I’m more than certain, that in EITHER places, the bosses, the school officials would NOT allow you, to show up, so poorly dressed!


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