The Haunting Zone Became “The Kangaroo Dream Workshop”, the Single Mothers Work Hard to Pull Themselves Out of the Shadows of the Darkness from Losing Their Marriages

Someone’s finally found a good use, for this vacant space here!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Tucheng’s South Tien-Mu Forest Amusement Park had been abandoned for years and was called “haunting zone” in Hsinbei City, but, with a group of hardworking people, the place was turned, into a friendly work environment for single mothers, and the single mothers who worked here called the place, “The Dream Factory of Kangaroos”, with working together, this group of single “kangaroo moms” were finally, able, to get out from under the shadows.

the single mothers, socializing in this space, photo from online…

The workshop is located in the town of Senling, all the employees are single mothers, responsible for making the meals, cultivating the vegetables, the flowers, keeping up with the landscapes, they’re, allowed to have flexible hours, keep earning their wages, gain a viable life skill, relax, and they were able to, help other single mothers out too.

Behind the Kangaroo Dream Factory, was a social welfare organization, and the Yamicook Cooking school, since its start this year, it’d already helped twenty single mothers, live off of their own skills, allowing their young to go to school, or start work without any worries.

This belief was supported by the Rotary Club in Shuanxi, last week, the Rotary Club hosted a picnic in the forest.  Nearly thirty people had gotten into teaching the public how to cook, and, they all sat down at lunch, in the outdoors to enjoy the fresh air, the good food, the sun, and the shades from the trees, those who got the chance to be there all commended, “The foods were fresh, great atmosphere!”

The single moms singlehandedly carried up the household economics, and took care of their young, normally, they have troubles, complying with the regular work hours of nine to five, the single mother, Kang who is fifty-three, having been through three marriages, decided, to collect the funding, to set up the programs, to make a friendly workplace for these single mothers.

the single mothers, preparing the foods, photo from online…

The location of this workshop was where there was a huge fire that came out of nowhere twenty years ago, at the Southern Tienmu Forest Park, the locals have stories of haunting of the place, and, said it was, haunted, and the place was nicknamed, “Ghost zones”.  Kang spent four months, persuading the landowner, finally, she’d managed, to rent 28,000 square meters, fixed the place up for six months, and, collected the funds of two million dollars, and set up the Southern Tienmu Forest Township, and set up the Kangaroo Workshops.

So, this woman saw a need, provided a space, for these single mothers to work, to do what they’re good at, this not only gave the ladies a brand new lease in life, making some money, to help them raise their young, it’d also gotten them a ton of social connection, and not to mention, bettering their skills of cooking, giving them, a viable way, to provide for themselves and their young children as well!


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