The Bones Found in an Elementary School Campus with the Death Being Questioned

New developments, on that bag of bones!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The bag of bones found on the roof of the Yong-An Elementary School in Chiayi was suspected to have been the janitor, Hou from about a decade ago, the police yesterday sealed up the scene, and examined the remains, they couldn’t find any sign of foul play, and they’d taken the DNA in to compare, the results will be found in about two weeks.  The police’s preliminary investigations showed, that Hou had gone to report the school for being involved in monetary matter, but he had also, accumulated his credit card debts, these are the doubts that still needed to get cleared up, before a conclusion of what had happened can be reached.

like this, perhaps???  Photo from online…

As the Yong-An Elementary in the town of Bu-Dai hired someone to clean up the water accumulating on the roof of the school two days, ago, the cleaners found a skeleton, suspected that it was, the janitor, Hou who went missing about a decade ago.  The police examined the scenes, found that the deceased wasn’t tied up that there was a quilt, covering up his body, that the place where the body was found, wasn’t easily accessed, with the handicapped restrooms and the windows as entrances; normally, the roof was locked up, only a few handful of individuals, such as the janitors, have the keys, that it is, unlikely, that the man was killed elsewhere and taken to the rooftops to dump.

or, this???  Not my photo…

As for the deteriorations of the bones, could it have been caused by external forces, and how, did the bones get shoved into drainage systems of only 40-centimeters wide, and how come nobody discovered the bones three years ago, when the solar panels were placed here?  The bones were found, opposite side of the dorms, and why were there pillows, quilts, and someone with shoes on?  There was a couple of thousand dollars in withdrawal from his post office accounts, was it out of his own account, or if it were withdrawn, by someone else?  The D.A. already instructed the officers, to look in these various directions.

So, here, we have, a bag of bones being found, and the reason of death is still pending investigation, but, it is, unfortunate, how this janitor (if it’s him) had been killed and taken to the roof of the school to dump.


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