The 22-Year-Old Suspect of the Bombing of a Jiangsu Kindergarten Was Killed in the Blast

This, is the WORST kind of crime against humanity, if you ask me, targeting young children!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The case of explosion next to the front doors of the Feng Hsien Kindergarten, the police found, that the twenty-two-year-old suspect, Hsu was responsible, he’d made a homemade bomb, detonated it, and, he’d died, as the bomb exploded too.

The Jiangsu police stated, that this explosion had caused a total of eight deaths, sixty-five injured, thankfully, as the bomb detonated, the school wasn’t out, so, no teacher or student was injured.

The Public Safety officials examined the scene, interviewed the locals, and reviewed the surveillance footage, with the evidence, the DNA, they confirmed, that the bomb was detonated by Hsu.  After Hsu suffered the condition of autonomic nervous system dysfunction (long-term nervousness), he stopped going to school, rented a place close to the explosion site, inside his rental place, the police discovered materials which he used to make bombs with, and that were, the Chinese characters of “death”, “destruction” on the walls written by the bomber.

So, this man’s behavior was caused by a mental condition, and, because of his mental condition, he’d caused EIGHT to die with him, along with injuring sixty-five bystanders, but thankfully, because school wasn’t out yet, nobody (no students, or teachers) were injured, but, he’d still, caused, great amount of damage, killed others who’d not even, caused him any harm!


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