A Man Sexually Molested His Own Stepdaughter, to Which He Claimed it Was “Consensual”, He Was Sentenced to a More Severe Jail Term

Adults are still, misbehaving here!!!  From Yahoo!.com.tw., translated, by me…

A man in Taichung was suspected of sexually molesting his own fourteen-year-old stepdaughter long-term, the adolescent couldn’t call for help, and, her stepfather thought that she wouldn’t fight back, and, exacerbated to raping her too.  And because the mother walked in on them, she’d felt awful her daughter’s been deflowered, and, she’d, called the police.  On the first trial, the man received a total of three years for sexually molesting his under sixteen-year-old stepdaughter and rape, which he would be able to pay a fine, and serve just two years’ time in prison for.  The man was displeased at the results, and appealed.  The second trial, based off of penal code 228, along with the laws to protect children, gave him a heavier sentence of four years, six months.

The verdict pointed out, that the man had married the adolescent’s mother in mid-October of 2008, the three of them started living together.  Since mid-July, 2014, after the adolescent turned fourteen, her stepfather had, repeatedly, sexually molested her weekly.  The adolescent was concerned over the issues of economics and household wellbeing, she’d, kept it silent.  In only six short months, she’d been, sexually molested by her stepfather a total of twenty-four times, and the stepfather realized that she wasn’t going to tell, and started raping her at closer intervals, once every week, until the mother came home one time, caught him in the act, and called the cops on him.

The courts found out, that the stepfather had, threatened the teen: “don’t tell your mother, or, she’ll divorce me”.  Although she’d told him to “stop it”, he’d still gotten his ways with her, and she, for the sake of keep her family together, she’d not, fought him off, and worried about getting beaten up by him, as well as the household economics, from the evidences, the judge believed, that the sexual intercourses was NEVER consensual.

Yeah, uh, you have GOT to be shitting me, loser, taking advantage of a child like that, and because you have power over her, being the stepfather, a figure of authority?  She’d not told, as she wanted to, keep the family together, and you’d, exacerbated, and it wasn’t until the mother walked in, did this M***ER F***ER’s bad behavior get found out, and, imagine, how much trials this young teenage girl must’ve endured through………


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