He Ran His Father Over with a Car, Returned Back into Custody, “Can I Give My Mother a Hug?”, He’d, Requested

What’s this, huh???  Another MURDER, this time, it’s the father, who’d, died, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man, Yen-Nien Sun got into a verbal altercation with his own father, Song-He Sun, he got angered, ran over his father with his Mercedes, yesterday, the Shihlin District Court held the hearing, Sun said, that his father was pressuring him, wouldn’t allow him to go to China, that, was what caused this, and, being in custody, he’d turned toward his mother, said, “I want to go out”, and, as he was taken back into custody, he’d cried, and asked, “Can I give my mother a hug?”

The twenty-five year-old Yen-Nien Sun studied in China long-term, returned back to Taiwan because of his military service terms this February, the very next month, he’d gone visiting his father’s friend; he was wearing loose clothing, his father got angry at him for it, got out of the car.  He was still very angered about the fight, when he drove his car over his own father and killed him.  The judge allowed the D.A.’s request to take him into custody, and charged him with murdering his own next-of-kin.

The court was in session yesterday, Sun denied that he’d intended, to kill his own father, that it was, involuntary manslaughter, he said, that because his father had, stalked him long term, fed him LSD, told him to kill himself, and he saw a ton of women in his home, he was under great emotional duress.  Sun said, he’d wanted to return back to China, but his father wouldn’t allow for him to, in a moment of anger, he got into the car, ram his father over, “I’m deeply in regret of this, I really do love my father, very much.”

The attorney made the request of having the judge mandate Sun undergo a psych evaluation, to confirm, if he did, have the ability to tell right from wrong at the moment he ran over his own father.

Sun’s mother said, she’d visited him twice a week, at least, at the penitentiary, that his son was hospitalized for being emotionally unstable in his middle school years in China, that until he’d started studying in NYU, did the treatment stop.  At court, Sun kept turning his head around to look at his mother, making the gestures of “crying”, told his mother, “I want to be released, I want to go home”, “Buy me more books, you must, visit me often.”

The judge asked Sun’s mother to provide the records of Sun’s treatment process, his school records from China, but Sun shook his head, said, that he has, NOBODY else in Taiwan, “Please, judge, don’t ask my mother to go to China, because then, nobody would visit me”, in the end, he’d frowned, and started crying, kept asking, “Can I please, hug my mother now?  I want a chance, to make bail”, but the judge denied that from him.

So yeah, this son had, murdered HIS own father, but, can you imagine how much stress, how much pressures, he’d received from his father, to make him finally CRACK?  And yet, nobody reviewed over ANY of that, because, the FACT is, that this man had, MURDERED his father, so, he’s, guilty, of murdering his next of kin, and yet, nobody ever wonders, WHAT made him act so rashly???  Because all we see, is the RESULT: he murdered his own father!  Nobody is even interested, in WHAT caused his anger to escalate, to the degree of him, committing MURDER!


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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