“Because You’re My Son”, Jackie Chan Makes an Apology to His Own Son, Jaycee Chan

The estrangements of this father-son pair, and nope, it still did NOT happen overnight either!  From the Entertainment Sections, translated…

The Two of Them Rarely Contacted Each Other, and on the Phones, They’d Only Exchanged “Carry on”, as Jackie Talked of His Wife, “I’m More than Blessed, to Have Married Her”.

The Kung-Fu star, Jackie Chan is the tough guy who’d never lowered his head to anybody on screen, and, in real life, he’s also, the big brother to all of his pals, but yesterday, he’d, disclosed, that he’d once, told his own son, Jaycee, “I’m sorry”, reason being, “You’re the son of Jackie Chan”.

Being absent for a while from the Taiwanese press, Jackie hosted a press conference, for the world’s biggest retail of “Richard Mille”, made an appearance at Mandarin Oriental Hotel.  He said, that he’d made this flagship store possible, from before the hotel opened for business, he’d felt, that the place was so right, so, he’d worked hard, connected Richard Mille, and at the same time, he’d wanted his own son, Jaycee to learn the trades in business too, making his son into the CEO of the company, “after all, acting is not for life.  I’m the exception.”

jackie chan and jaycee chan 的圖片結果this, is all for “show”, just putting on that good face for the press!  Photo from online…

Jackie Chan said, he’d understood, that Jaycee must be under a lot of pressure, he’d wanted to tell him, “I’m sorry, but, you’re, the son of Jackie Chan.”  Jackie Chan told, that he’d rarely contacted Jaycee personally, and, even if he managed to call him, he’d only encouraged him, “Keep going,” “Work hard”, just like yesterday, they were, both in Taipei, but one of them stayed in the hotel, the other, at home.

Jackie Chan disclosed, that Jaycee would call him on his own, like on Father’s Day a few years back, Jaycee called him up wished him a “happy father’s day”, then, “the moment I picked up, I’d started, cussing him out”, Jackie believed, that he’d rather get a call from his own son regularly, instead of just on Father’s Day, but he’d said, with much disappointment, “Ever since, he’d, rarely, call me again on his own”.

The press inquired, what’s going on with Jaycee, that’s moved Jackie?  Jackie said, perhaps, to his mom, but, not to me.  On mentioning of his own wife, there was that sense of a proud glow on Jackie’s face, “I’m more than blessed, to have her as my wife.”  Jackie Chan said, “At first, I’d worried, that she’s like other women, loved to go shopping, then, I’d, come to discover, that she rarely heads out, and doesn’t like buying anything.”  even on the Oscars when Jackie was receiving the lifetime achievements awards, she’d told him, “You go, I’ll watch you on television!”.  Jackie told, that “on that day, I saw the actors and actresses are with their whole families, and I’d felt, envious”.

Well, it surely isn’t the son’s FAULT, that this movie star felt estranged from his own young, it’s because of how he never took care of them, was always missing as Jaycee was growing up, that’s now, caused Jaycee to react to Jackie this way, and, Jackie Chan’s apologies to his own son, well, it may be, too little, too late, just like ALL you mommies and daddies who’d, HURT your children while they were growing up, intentionally OR unintentionally, because we children, will NEVER be as STUPID, or forgiving, as ALL of you, DUMB ASS adults are!


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