Having an Enriching Summer, the Younger Generations Don’t Have Time for Getting Addicted to Drugs

This would be, a GREAT way, to keep kids away from drugs in the summer, wouldn’t it???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

getting involved with the WRONG crowd!  Not my photograph…

In two weeks, summer vacation kicks in, the police’s annually held “Youth Project” initiated yesterday, the secretary of internal affairs, Yeh stated, that this year, there’s going to be a stronger sweep for the sources of illegal substances, combined with the help of Department of Education, of Labor, and of the Economics, to push forth an assortment of activities, hoping, to fill up the students’ summer, that they don’t have the time to get involved with illegal substances.

Yesterday, Yeh arrived at Neng-Ren Business High School, to sweat on the ball field with three of the school’s baseball star players, Yeh said, “it’s great that we’re, sweating by exercising”, he hoped that the students have a “colorful youth, without the regrets”, to NOT get addicted to drugs because it’s the summers, and ended up, having their lives ruined.

and now, the government is proposing this…

summer camps for teens 的圖片結果camps, and better things to do with their age group…photo from online…

Yeh said, that the Offices of Internal Affairs, along with other subsidiary government offices are pushing forth activities, hoping that the students will have their plans for the summers made up, he vowed, to cut down on the provisions of illegal substances, and called out to the parents, the society too, to show more care and concern for the teenagers’ routines, to know what the teens are thinking, what they’re doing, what’s troubling their minds.

So, this, would be, a part of the PLAN, to help teens stay OFF drugs for the summertime, and, you can see, why the summer vacation is the key period for addiction, right?  They’re no longer in school, with parents working, they start hanging out with the wrong crowds, and, before you know it, they’re, falling, left AND right.  So, the government is posing ALL of these programs, to keep teens busy throughout the summers, so they don’t have the time, to get addicted, and have their lives ruined!



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