How doctors coped, when they’re the ones, diagnosed with cancer, translated…

In the basement of this general hospital, was a staff cafeteria, the doctors’, nurses’ families are also allowed to eat in here.  She is the wife of the obstetrician, Dr. Feng, was led to the cafeteria by a female intern.  Mrs. Feng is thirty years old, medium-built, pale complexion, although she has good features, she’s not considered, beautiful.  And yet, there’s, that sense of confidence, of life that shone on her face.  The two of them bought their meals, with the trays, selected a table to sit.

The tall and slim women sitting over at the next table came to speak to Mrs. Feng, “You are, the wife of Dr. Feng, right?  We’d met on the reunion of the medical school, I’m a thoracic surgeon, Dr. Jie-Ling Chao.  I want to tell you, that you look, amazing, with that light on your face.”  She’d smiled and stared at Mrs. Feng’s shyness, then, walked back to her table.

That intern also spoke to Mrs. Feng, “You really are, beautiful.”  Mrs. Feng smiled bitterly, she thought, she’s not considered beautiful at all, an international firm’s accountant, would get dressed up for work, but, because she was accompanying her husband for chemo, she’d forgotten, to put her makeup on, and maybe, because Dr. Chao learned of her husband being ill, that, was why she’d come, to give her the encouragements.

Two weeks ago, Dr. Feng was diagnosed with non-small-cell carcinoma, the third stage, from that day on, the once optimistic Dr. Feng fell, into his own misery, he’d worked hard, to digest this bad news, and worked hard, to cope with the pain brought on by chemotherapy.  Other than feeling her husband’s pains, Mrs. Feng was also, anxious.  She took a week off, studied the recipe books, taught the foreign maid to cook the healthier items.  She was anxious, because she couldn’t balance between her heavy workload and her husband’s illness, as he fought hard, with death, she should be, right next to him, so, three days ago, she’d, quit her job, and she’d finally, felt fulfilled, that she can, do what she needed to do, and maybe, it’s that strength that rose from within, that, was why Dr. Chao said that there’s, this flair about her.

Three weeks later, she’d accompanied her husband to the hospital, for his second chemo session.  As he was undergoing chemo, she headed to the employees’ cafeteria for lunch by herself, took her tray, walked to the corner, sat down to eat.  As she was half way done with her meal, a man and a woman sat down behind her.  The woman said, “I know, you’re an excellent psychiatrist.”  The man spoke in a barely audible voice, “What’s so outstanding about me!  In the last two months, two of my patients committed suicide!”

The woman stated, “Psychiatrist practice medicine, NOT miracles.  You have a patient who came to see me, he’d told me, that you’d taught him, to discover his own negative thoughts, and how to change them into positive.  She’d practice every day, using your methods, and, all of her depressive symptoms are, almost, all gone.  She’d called you, a miracle worker.”

The man’s voice sounded fuller this time, “Did she, really say that?”

The woman said, “look, your face is glowing, and when patients see a hottie like you, they will definitely, feel, encouraged.”

Mrs. Feng thought, that the woman’s tone was quite familiar, she’d turned her head and look, and, it was, Dr. Chao.  Mrs. Feng started wondering to herself, Dr. Chao is so thinly framed, would she have enough energy, to perform the surgeries? 

Not long thereafter, that young psychiatrist finished his lunch and left, Dr. Chao moved herself to Mrs. Feng’s table, sat down, said, “It was odd of me the last time, hope you won’t mind.  But, you really, do look amazing.  You look wonderful too, something’s different, your beauty today is more sublime.”

Mrs. Feng smiled shyly, “Dr. Chao, you really know how to offer encouragement to others.”

Dr. Chao looked into her eyes, said, “I’m speaking from the heart.  The truth.  Is. Dr. Feng working?  How come you’re not eating with him?”

That, was when Mrs. Feng learned, that Dr. Chao didn’t know that her husband had cancer, “To tell you the truth, my husband is undergoing chemotherapy, it’s lung cancer.”

There’s that hint of regret in Dr. Chao’s voice, “But, he’s, so young!”, and she’d inquired again, “Is Dr. Hong treating him?”

Mrs. Feng recalled, that Dr. Chao is a thoracic surgeon, that she must be well acquainted with the doctors of oncology, she’d replied, “It’s, Dr. Hong!”

Dr. Chao said, “The Mary Hospital has a specialist who’s done a lot of research in the caners in the lungs, what’s his name?  His name is……………because of my brain tumor, my memory’s, deteriorated.  Oh yes, his name is Ji-Ching Lin.  You can consult him on how to alleviate the discomforts of your husband’s chemotherapy.”

Mrs. Feng said thank you, and thought about, how Dr. Chiao mentioned that she has a brain tumor, could she have, misheard it? She’d asked her, in doubt, “Did you say, that you, have a, brain tumor………”

Dr. Chao patted her own head, “See, I shouldn’t have told you that.  My brain can’t control what I’m saying right now.  Yes, there, is a tumor in my brains, and as it was discovered, it was already, too large to be operated on.  Now, I’m just, counting down to death.”

Mrs. Feng looked at her with shock, her jaws dropped.  This woman who’s counting down the days is still, encouraging everybody she meets, even strangers too, how brave.  She said, “Dr. Chao, you are truly very brave, so kindhearted, with your conditions, you’re still, helping others.”

The lines of Dr. Chao’s face smoothed, with that sense of comfort, “for the sake of rationalism, to keep myself objective, I’d suppressed my own emotions, I’d kept everything inside.  But after I learned that I don’t have that much time, everything that I liked, I’d, become, outspoken on it.  It feels, quite amazing.  I saw the changes in people, and felt, that it’s, more fulfilling, when I performed a surgery in total success.”

Do you think, would Dr. Chiao and Dr. Feng live until they’re very old?  Dr. Chiao, in a sense, no longer suppressed herself anymore, and felt good about it, while Dr. Feng has his own wife’s company, what, do you think?

So, this article still showed, how ATTITUDE is the MOST important thing a person can “own”, because if you have a positive attitude toward things, no matter how bad the situations become, you will always see that silver lining, and, this, is what will carry you through your toughest hours, and of course, having supports from your loved ones is also, equally important too!


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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